DIM: Upcycled Jewellery hanger

Upcycled Jewellery hanger | ecogreenlove

I wanted to sort my rings and bracelets in a way I could easily see them and decide which one to wear, same with the necklaces and I tried to make a holder with kitchen towels tubes but didn’t work, wasn’t stable enough or I didn’t know how to make it right. Until…

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Learn to Store Electronics, Medication, and Other Items Properly

Originally Published on Next Door Self Storage

Everyone is need of storing items at one point or another, but do you know what to put it in or at what temp you should try and keep it? This infographic from Next Door Self Storage gives you the rundown on storing anything from food to electronics.

Many of us assume that a lot of things can just be tossed in a box or plastic container and it will be alright, but things like beauty products and medication require more particular instructions. It’s important to take things like necessary insulation into consideration, and be aware of what the chances are something might break or get disfigured. Don’t get caught ruining your items when you think you’re putting them away for safekeeping.

Reusing broken plates

Updated: July 2016

This week I accidentally broke a porcelain bowl. So I started to search ideas of what can I do with the broken pieces, small and big. So here are some ideas I found! if you have more ideas, share your link or picture on the comment box below.

Reusing broken plates | ecogreenlove
Beautiful DIY Garden Stones
Reusing broken plates | ecogreenlove
Mirror frame with various broken plates. A tutorial here
Useless pieces of broken ceramic dishware as seed markers

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Reusing Old Tires / Tyres (from bikes, cars, trucks…)

Updated: February 2019

*Approximately, one tire is discarded per person per year. Tires are also often recycled for use on basketball courts and new shoe products.

Reusing Old Tires / Tyres | ecogreenlove
Amarildo Silva (Caominhas) turns old tires into comfortable and decorated beds for pets and beautiful containers for plants as well [via Bored Panda]
Reusing Old Tires / Tyres | ecogreenlove
ReStyled Rubber Bike Tire Stamps

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Reusing old film slides / strips / rolls / canisters

Updated: July 2016

Repurpose old film slides / strips / rolls / canisters | ecogreenlove
DIY stamp with an old film canister
Repurpose old film slides / strips / rolls / canisters | ecogreenlove
Use old films and canisters to put weight to your threads when weaving in Kumihimo style
[not original source]
Repurpose old film slides / strips / rolls / canisters | ecogreenlove
Handbags Made From Recycled Film Negatives

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