Alejandra Martínez

Lessingstr. 12, 69115
Heidelberg, Germany


Hi! I’m Alejandra, founder of ecogreenlove.
I am a Mexican currently living in Germany who studied Graphic Design and likes turning trash into crafts.

In 2013 I opened this blog as a resource box for my upcycling projects as a hobby, but it slowly grew (as my desire for a more environmentally-friendly living) and ended up sharing (and sometimes creating) visuals and infographics about Upcycling, Health, Gardening/Nature and Sustainability everyday tips – continuously learning, together with my partner, sharing practical tips to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle as consumers and part of a society aiming to a low waste lifestyle.

If you have any feedback or a resource you want us to share, please feel free to contact us. If you want to promote your art, website, blog, product or service with us, please click here.

To all, be very welcome and thank you for passing by! 💚

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Thank you!

Love from Manchester UK. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.


Im upcycling all my pill bottles thanx 2 this site!


Thank you for raising awareness about our beautiful earth. We as a human race need to take action before we kill the only home we all share. Earth ❤


I absolutely love what you are doing and the way you convey your messages. We need more patinage people like you on this globe 🙂 thank you for sharing your knowledge and your passion.

Emilie Péloquin

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