10 Keys to Reducing Food Waste

10 Keys to Reducing Food Waste | ecogreenlove

Food waste is a growing problem contributing to our strain on natural resources. However, food waste can be eliminated or at least reduced with our help. Small steps can make a significant difference if we pay more attention to our relationship with the food we purchase and consume.

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Most Unusual Corporate Sustainability Collaborations

Most Unusual Corporate Sustainability Collaborations | ecogreenlove

The green revolution is influencing sustainable corporate collaborations. Corporations are responsible for the largest sum of atmospheric and surface-level pollution. They can help regions meet carbon neutrality goals by establishing emission reduction strategies.

Business owners may also decrease resource exploitation to meet eco-consumers’ demands. Adopting sustainability features can help corporations gain a leg up on their competitors. Six corporate sectors are engaging in eco-conscious collaborations.

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The Value of Sustainability and Eco-Conscious Policies in the Workplace

The Value of Sustainability and Eco-Conscious Policies in the Workplace | ecogreenlove

Today the list of companies that say they are going green and becoming more sustainable is a mile long. Businesses are clamoring to make claims regarding all of their efforts to make products designed for a cleaner planet and a more conscious public. However, we find time and time again that much of this hype is just lip service and the actual changes and investments are small or nonexistent.

Though many companies say they are going green, few are legitimately implementing the steps to make real changes. A lot of them recognize that consumers are invested in a more sustainable change and are taking advantage of the green movement without seriously making strides to reduce waste and emissions. The companies that actually are working towards significant, lasting positive impacts are much less common.

Many of the companies that fall into this smaller category aren’t just making changes that make them more sustainable. They have most likely also made meaningful changes to their company policies. These changes are strong and clearly communicated policies and practices that the company plans to implement in the name of going green and becoming more sustainable.

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Carbon Labelling Household Activities [Visuals]

Carbon labelling household activities [Visuals] | ecogreenlove

Viessmann visualized the impact of some everyday household chores and activities in terms of their CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) as we spend more time at home with our families. This standard unit is used to compare emissions from different greenhouse gases based on their global warming potential.

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7 Sustainable Ideas for Eco-Entrepreneurs [Visual]

7 Sustainable Ideas for Eco-Entrepreneurs [Visual] | ecogreenlove

The goal of any new business is to make money, but what if you could fill your bank account and help protect the planet? 

There’s no shortage of benefits to starting an earth-friendly business. Today’s consumer is more eco-conscious than ever and no longer makes purchasing decisions based solely on price and quality. In fact, people are pushing brands to help them be more environmentally aware, 88% to be exact.

The visual below will show you 7 sustainable business ideas:

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