7 Sustainable Ideas for Eco-Entrepreneurs [Visual]

7 Sustainable Ideas for Eco-Entrepreneurs [Visual] | ecogreenlove

The goal of any new business is to make money, but what if you could fill your bank account and help protect the planet? 

There’s no shortage of benefits to starting an earth-friendly business. Today’s consumer is more eco-conscious than ever and no longer makes purchasing decisions based solely on price and quality. In fact, people are pushing brands to help them be more environmentally aware, 88% to be exact.

The visual below will show you 7 sustainable business ideas:

7 Sustainable Ideas for Eco-Entrepreneurs [Visual] | ecogreenlove
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5 thoughts on “7 Sustainable Ideas for Eco-Entrepreneurs [Visual]

    1. True. Here in Germany during the first and second lockdown plus curfews they suffered a lot, but one positive thing it came up: they were forced to go digital! many didn’t even have social media or didn’t have delivery service. Germany in that aspect was waaaay too slow, and until now is (has been forced to) catching up

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