How a Business can Make Money and Be More Sustainable

How a Business can Make Money and Be More Sustainable | ecogreenlove

As we progress, we’re seeing the importance of going green day by day. Global warming is here, and the only way to stop it is by reducing pollution. Many ideas have been brought to the table to facilitate this. Among the most discussed is the recycling business, as recycling is one of the safest ways to dispose of pollutants. For a successful recycling business, you need prior knowledge of the materials to recycle and how to recycle them.

Aluminium Recycling

Aluminium cans are mostly known for their use in making soda bottles. Often, they’re just used once before being thrown away. However, aluminium cans can easily be recycled and are the most recycled in the market today. The process only involves melting the cans at high temperatures and remoulding them into new ones. So, long as you’re drinking, you’re making money.

Plastic Recycling

Plastics are durable hence resistant to many natural processes such as degradation and are a real threat to the environment. Because of this, there is a growing need to recycle as much plastic as we can. It has become a global problem, and its solution is an opportunity for many individuals.

Millions of plastic products are manufactured and sold annually, a large number of them ending up in landfills. Why not make them a source of your income then? Most plastics are recyclable, and only a few can’t be recycled. So, collect, sort and sell them today to a recycling business and make something out of it. If you have a recycling business, you can always gather them yourself and make the most out of this.

Cardboard Recycling

Those cardboard boxes you have piling up in your home can give you extra cash. Cardboard boxes usually become of use when people are moving in and out or when packaging online orders. These boxes are recyclable as long as they aren’t wet, stained by food or grease.

So, get rid of the annoying boxes piling up in your apartment in an eco-friendly way and get money out of it. For the cardboard boxes to fit through the recycling machines, they are must be broken down first.

How a Business can Make Money and Be More Sustainable | ecogreenlove

Paper Recycling

Most kinds of paper are easy and not complicated to recycle. The few that are non-recyclable include pizza boxes, paper towels and carbon paper. Sorting the paper into different categories is always the first step when recycling. They are then turned into slurry, ink removed if any, bleached and formed into new products. Since the process is relatively easy, paper is an excellent material to source profits.

Glass Recycling

Glass is relatively easy to recycle with its process only involving melting it down and remaking it into any desired shape. From drinking glasses to glass fibre to moulded sculptures, it is a material with innumerable uses in today’s industry.

Once collected, glass is broken down into small pieces, crushed, sorted then cleaned. You can then mix it with other constituents like sand, melt and mould it into different shapes.

Battery Recycling

Batteries constitute several chemicals that are not only poisonous and harmful to the environment but also to human beings. For this reason, we’re strongly advised against dumping batteries. Most batteries are recyclable by a process that involves sorting, sieving and creating brand new parts that are used in battery making once more.

Tire Recycling

Vehicle tires are made of nylon, rubber and a carbon mixture. These can produce a massive amount of air pollution when burnt and take a long time to decompose if dumped in landfills. That’s why recycling them is the only safest way to rid the environment of them. Tires are melted down and moulded into new products and often sold in blocks after the recycling process.

How a Business can Make Money and Be More Sustainable | ecogreenlove

Bottom Line

Recycling is the best way to utilise things thought to be useless and convert them into money-worth products. With the growing need and awareness of a greener planet and eco-consciousness, recycling is one of the most creative and lucrative businesses with high profits.

Green Alchemist, the World’s first Marketplace for buying and selling recyclable materials, helps you turn your trash into cash by giving you multiple buyers to choose from. Also, if you’re a buyer looking to buy recyclable materials, they’ve got you too. They’re a globally known and trusted company in the recycling industry.

Save the environment and make money simultaneously by recycling the materials listed above and many more. Be it recycling the materials yourself or selling to others, you’re guaranteed of making extra cash.

Ayo Isinkaye

Author Bio:
Ayo Isinkaye is a passionate environmentalist who believes capitalism can help solve our eco and sustainability crisis. He designed and patented the Green Pod recycling bag to help businesses, councils and households separate, store and transport their recyclable material, and thus reduce contamination in the waste stream. He founded the Green Alchemist, an online platform that connects buyers & sellers of valuable recyclable waste. He’s also a digital marketing expert who helps eco and sustainable businesses meet their online objectives. Keep up with him through his social links:

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