How Businesses can Avoid Greenwashing [Visual]

How Businesses can Avoid Greenwashing [Visual] | ecogreenlove

If you’re a brand that values sustainability, it’s important to know what Greenwashing is and why it’s problematic. Greenwashing is when a company markets its product or brand as “green” without doing the heavy lifting to ensure that it lives up to this claim.

The term has been around since the 1980s but has recently been seeing a resurgence as the population becomes more aware of our impact on the environment.

Many companies try to increase their credibility by adopting green practices or putting their “greenest” foot forward, but for many companies, it’s just marketing. They don’t actually care about the environment or practice green initiatives company-wide. 

So, how can sustainable brands avoid greenwashing? First off, try to be fully transparent about your commitments, even if you aren’t green across the board yet. Garnier does a great job of this by documenting their journey towards a more sustainable future. It’s known that they aren’t perfect, but they’re working towards it, and that is commendable.

Another way to avoid greenwashing is to get proper credentials and third-party approval of any claims you make. There are certain bodies that can certify claims officially and others that are not as credible. Take the time to learn which is which and get the right certifications. Certified fair trade is one that is commonly used.

In the infographic below from The Derm Review, we discuss more ways that you can avoid greenwashing as a brand and ensure that you’re being open and honest with your customers. These days, people value transparency and relatability, so don’t be afraid to showcase your journey!

How Businesses can Avoid Greenwashing [Visual] | ecogreenlove
Visual by The Derm Review
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