10 Environmentally-Friendly Skin Care Ingredients to look For

10 Environmentally-Friendly Skin Care Ingredients to look For | ecogreenlove

Helping out the environment is often a top priority in our lives nowadays, from the food we eat to the way we travel. But is it possible to aid the environment through your skin care products?

While it may seem like green beauty and beneficial ingredients for your skin might not coexist easily, there are so many amazing skin care ingredients that are both good for the environment and that can help you get your glow on!

If you’re looking for some new skin care products that are here for your face and the planet, you’re in luck. Here are 10 eco-friendly skin care ingredients you can look for in your products.

1. Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is a soothing ingredient that can be especially helpful for adding a bit of glow to any complexion and retaining moisture in a natural way. Some products incorporate rosehip oil as an ingredient, whereas others sell 100% pure rosehip oil to use on your skin.

2. Retinol

You may have heard of retinol products before, with their ability to clear up acne, prevent aging, and naturally exfoliate the skin. You can find a retinol serum — which can help reduce pore size and clear acne and sebum — or even go for a cleanser or a moisturizer with retinol-based ingredients. Just make sure to use retinol products at night.

3. Shea Butter

If you have combination or dry skin, shea butter could be exactly what you need. Not only does shea butter lock in moisture and make your skin feel smooth, but it’s also all-natural and comes directly from the Earth. Some people enjoy products with shea butter in them, but you can also use pure shea butter as well.

4. Green Tea

Packed full of antioxidants and antimicrobial compounds, green tea has the power to do a lot for your skin. Products that use green tea are often anti-inflammatory and calming, and can even be great for treating acne and breakouts. And much like retinol, it can also provide anti-aging properties along with its healing, regenerative properties.

5. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of those great ingredients for people looking to get into slightly more advanced skin care practices. Not only does it brighten and smooth your skin, but it can also be found in an array of natural products. While many people choose to use serums, there are also cleansers and moisturizers that contain vitamin C.

6. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a great option for those with dry or combination skin, especially for people with sensitive skin. It’s hydrating, healing, and regenerative. Some people swear by using jojoba oil as their only skin care product, and many use pure 100% jojoba oil on their skin.

7. Argan Oil

Argan oil is a great ingredient, as it contains vitamin E and fatty acids, which help clear acne and act as anti-inflammatory agents for the skin. Many people use argan oil as a moisturizer or a serum. If you’re looking for a high-grade argan oil product, Aradé’s Argan Oil Elixir is an excellent serum-style option.

8. Ceramides

Ceramides are skin care ingredients that help restore your skin’s moisture barrier, which can be great for both dry and oily skin alike. They can help repair damaged skin, sun damage, and acne. You may recognize the name from Cerave, a brand that routinely uses ceramide ingredients in their products.

9. Hemp Seed Oil

Another oil with healing, moisturizing properties is right here waiting for you. Like the many others on this list, hemp seed oil is hydrating and sealing, which is great for those who need a bit of extra glow.

10. L-Ascorbic Acid

L-Ascorbic acid is actually just another derivative of the C vitamin. However, this one specifically works to repair damage to the skin, such as sun damage and aging. You can often find this ingredient in oil serum products such as hemp seed, argan, rosehip, and other oils to help them along.

Environmentally-Friendly Skin Care

It’s completely possible to take care of your skin while you also take care of the planet. By doing your research to find a routine that works for you, you’ll figure out the best products and ingredients you can rely on to create a better world — and totally glow in the process!

Jane Marsh

Author Bio:
Jane is an environmental writer and the founder and editor-in-chief of where she covers sustainability and eco-friendly living. 

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  1. Thank you Jane for sharing this amazing post about skincare ingredients. Just want to add more about the hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is really amazing for the skin, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, attracts moisture, soothes skin & has much more benefits for the skin.

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