Benefits of Natural Skincare and Makeup

Benefits of Natural Skincare and Makeup | ecogreenlove

As soon as we hear the word natural, a warm and fuzzy feeling wakes up inside us. Natural is always better, there is simply no room for debate about it, but most people aren’t exactly sure as to why, and even when they have a vague idea, they ask themselves in which ways and to which extent turning right and landing in the Natural Skincare Lane and Natural Makeupville is really beneficial for them. If you need any convincing, steering in that right direction, read on, because the list of benefits will be enough to persuade you.

No harm to you

There are a lot of makeup and skincare products and lines being launched almost every week; the sheer amount of options can make one’s head spin. However, in this sea of products, a vast majority doesn’t belong in the natural family, meaning that, first and foremost, the products in question are free to contain as many potentially toxic ingredients as they wish. Perhaps you won’t notice the damage and the irritation immediately, but putting anything that contains any of these harmful, not to mention hardly readable ingredients, will harm your skin in the long run. These are dangerous chemicals, but the negative effects take time to manifest, so you don’t even notice the underlying consequences as you are blinded by the ‘quick fix’ effect.

With natural skincare, what you see is what you get. The ingredient list is short, and that is always a good thing in the beauty world, you can actually pronounce the words listed on the packaging, and the bottom line is, you know what you’re allowing to come in contact with your face (which will not be irritated by these products, and this is just another bonus). Not only is it not harmful, but actually brings all of the nature’s goodness straight to your face and body. Natural skincare takes a little longer to ‘work its magic’, it’s not a quick fix, but once you reap the benefits, they are long-term and they aren’t going anywhere. So, when in doubt, always go for the amazing natural and vegan skincare, and if the packaging is eco-friendly, all the better.

Benefits of Natural Skincare and Makeup | ecogreenlove

No harm to our friends

There is a reason PETA has that bunny logo and a list of skincare and makeup brands which do not test on animals. Many new companies have joined this cruelty-free movement right from the moment they were founded, and they are fierce advocates against animal testing. According to PETA Each year, more than 100 million animals—including mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish, and birds—are killed in the U.S. alone, and even though these not all of these animals are tested on for cosmetic purposes, it’s still a staggering number. Animal cruelty isn’t and never will be okay and it’s our duty to boycott all the companies which still test on animals and turn to natural, organic and cruelty-free ones as this is the only way things will finally change for the better, for good.

No harm to the planet

Most natural and organic skincare and makeup companies offer their products in eco-friendly recycled packaging and some of them even offer recycling award programs where you can return the empty packaging and it will be repurposed and not end up on already overflowing landfills. In addition to that, the ingredients themselves pose no harm to the oceans and the earth, as they aren’t toxic so by using natural products you are actually helping Mother Earth stay as clean as possible, something that the younger generations have been trying to raise awareness on for quite some time now.

Benefits of Natural Skincare and Makeup | ecogreenlove

Have you seen the quality at work?

We already know that natural skincare products are plain good, albeit it takes them time to show their true powers. This is not the case with makeup. If you have ever tested out any product from such brands as Ilia Beauty or Jane Iredale, you would be sold immediately. Most people have this notion that when it comes to natural makeup, something’s got to give, but no. The pigment in the eyeshadows, lipsticks and any other ‘color’ product is amazing, the foundations don’t clog the pores but offer incredible coverage. No, when opting for natural makeup, such as a great BB cream, a great vegan blush and an animal-friendly mascara, you’re not sacrificing any of the elements one usually looks for in makeup. You get it all, plus the knowledge that even this makeup will not cause harm to your skin, but will actually nourish it over time.

No, it doesn’t have to

Another common misconception when it comes to natural and organic products is that they come to break the bank, and while there are brands which are fairly luxurious, there is absolutely something for every wallet, and yes, there are tons of natural brands which offer incredibly reasonably-priced products, so if you think budget is an issue, think again – in the Natural Land, there is something for every budget.

Not only have a number of celebrities founded their own natural skincare and makeup brands, but use their own products as well. In the world of influencer marketing, the fact that Miranda Kerr actually uses her own brand’s products is a huge deal. The celebrity stamp of approval can be more or less important to you, but as these people’s faces are their ‘money makers’ the fact that they put their trust in nature, well, that speaks volumes of the benefits doesn’t it?

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