#Reclaim Your Health With the Power of Nature

Maybe it’s the flu season that has inspired you to change your habits for the better, or you’re simply looking for effective ways to prevent the cold season from cause chaos in your life during the winter months, but Mother Nature is your best go-to health guru.

For thousands of years, we’ve used natural remedies to heal, prevent and cure diseases of all sorts, and our fast-paced lives could use a lesson or two on protecting our wellbeing with the help of nature. Although nature is an endless source of healthy recipes, the following are the most beneficial changes you can introduce to your life to finally restore your wellbeing!

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Find your Perfect Exercise Match [Quiz]

It can be hard to choose the right exercise regime for you. On top of the time constraints of modern life, the sheer number of options is enough to confuse most of us.

This quiz identifies which style of exercise matches your personality. Whether you’re a lone wolf, a team player or looking to become truly zen – this will set you on the right course to fulfilling your fitness needs.

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Fascinating Health & Body Facts [Infographic]

The human body is a truly amazing thing, but, despite our top-of-the-foodchain status, we still have plenty of odd quirks and imperfections. It appears, on a purely chromosomal level, we are outgunned by the humble crayfish and should perhaps show them a little more respect (rather than a splash of lemon and a portion of chips).

So next time you’re down the pub with your friends and your smalltalk tank is running on empty, why not dazzle them with a few of these odd, yet intriguing, facts? Who knew, for example, that the tooth is the only part of the human body that can’t repair itself? Great news for dentists – not so good for boxers.

And it seems that the French have been right all along – it’s far more hygienic to kiss someone ‘Hello’ than it is to shake their hand. That said, there are some people who you’d undoubtedly look forward to kissing (purely on health grounds), and some who you’d willingly run the risk of a few germs if it meant keeping them at arm’s length.

And you can bet fact number 22 will have been rolled out at many a Specsavers board meeting to groans from all present. So, without further ado, go ahead and feast your eyes on this collection of utterly useless but occasionally interesting health and body facts!

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8 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Phlegm [Infographic]

Phlegm is a great nuisance, and it even causes bad breath. Cheer up here is some great news in this article. You can easily get rid of the phlegm from your throat without the use of antibiotics.

These are some of the simple but efficient ways to remove phlegm from your throat.
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Weirdest Sleep Experiments [Infographic]

The very nature of being human means that we strive to understand the world around us. Scientists have long considered experiments the best way to test a hypothesis and draw a conclusion.

Over the last century, scientists have begun to study sleep more and more. We know it’s necessary yet we don’t fully understand it. Such a vital function could contain so many important discoveries that we haven’t yet come across.

In this infographic we look at some of the most bizarre sleep experiments. What were they, who ran them and why? Did we learn anything from them or did they go horribly wrong?

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