The Value of Sustainability and Eco-Conscious Policies in the Workplace

The Value of Sustainability and Eco-Conscious Policies in the Workplace | ecogreenlove

Today the list of companies that say they are going green and becoming more sustainable is a mile long. Businesses are clamoring to make claims regarding all of their efforts to make products designed for a cleaner planet and a more conscious public. However, we find time and time again that much of this hype is just lip service and the actual changes and investments are small or nonexistent.

Though many companies say they are going green, few are legitimately implementing the steps to make real changes. A lot of them recognize that consumers are invested in a more sustainable change and are taking advantage of the green movement without seriously making strides to reduce waste and emissions. The companies that actually are working towards significant, lasting positive impacts are much less common.

Many of the companies that fall into this smaller category aren’t just making changes that make them more sustainable. They have most likely also made meaningful changes to their company policies. These changes are strong and clearly communicated policies and practices that the company plans to implement in the name of going green and becoming more sustainable.

The Value of Sustainability and Eco-Conscious Policies in the Workplace | ecogreenlove
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Policy Change Matters

It can be hard for some business leaders to conceptualize why incorporating sustainability into company policy is so important. However, taking the time to make eco-mindedness a core value from the inside out means integrating it into company policy. Doing so provides a clear road map for goal implementation and communicates to everyone where the company is headed. 

Overhauling the company policy is a big task and not one that is necessarily easy to take on. But given the number of consumers that are actively looking to purchase from sustainable companies, it is a worthwhile investment. Policy changes can draw greater attention to your sustainability efforts and increase the company’s influence in that realm. 

Sustainable procedures tend to naturally lend themselves to leaner companies that reduce waste products and unnecessary materials. Leaner thinking can go a long way in cutting company costs and expenditures. Implementing a recycling system, reducing the number of certain products purchased, and incorporating more energy-efficient systems can save the company money

The Value of Sustainability and Eco-Conscious Policies in the Workplace | ecogreenlove
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Changes to Implement

Deciding what changes you want to implement to become more sustainable are ultimately up to you and what is right for the company. There are hundreds of potential options ranging from smaller recycling efforts and changing out lightbulbs up to reevaluating supply chains and retrofitting the HVAC system to operate more sustainably. The sky’s the limit. 

One example of a major company policy to consider is how much employees are driving. The business could implement policies that move to make all company vehicles electric in the coming years. You could also choose to allow employees to telework more frequently rather than driving into the office or reward employees that can utilize alternative forms of transportation such as public transportation or biking. 

You could also make the policy decision to incorporate more beneficial green space into your work environment. This could include things such as native-scaping the landscape to reduce the amount of watering required to keep grass alive. It could also mean doing something like building a sustainable community garden space that employees could use.

The Value of Sustainability and Eco-Conscious Policies in the Workplace | ecogreenlove
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There is substantial value in legitimately making changes to make your company more sustainable. Many sustainability-driven policy objectives can save the company money over time and/or increase the company’s reputation among eco-minded customers. Eco-friendly projects vary a lot and can be as simple or complicated as is right for the company. Every small step makes a positive difference!

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