The Value of Sustainability and Eco-Conscious Policies in the Workplace

The Value of Sustainability and Eco-Conscious Policies in the Workplace | ecogreenlove

Today the list of companies that say they are going green and becoming more sustainable is a mile long. Businesses are clamoring to make claims regarding all of their efforts to make products designed for a cleaner planet and a more conscious public. However, we find time and time again that much of this hype is just lip service and the actual changes and investments are small or nonexistent.

Though many companies say they are going green, few are legitimately implementing the steps to make real changes. A lot of them recognize that consumers are invested in a more sustainable change and are taking advantage of the green movement without seriously making strides to reduce waste and emissions. The companies that actually are working towards significant, lasting positive impacts are much less common.

Many of the companies that fall into this smaller category aren’t just making changes that make them more sustainable. They have most likely also made meaningful changes to their company policies. These changes are strong and clearly communicated policies and practices that the company plans to implement in the name of going green and becoming more sustainable.

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Anatomy of an Agrihood [Infographic]

Anatomy of an Agrihood [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

An agrihood is a mixed development that combines food and real estate. These neighborhood villages offer residential living with a farm-to-table focus for young, active families seeking a lifestyle centered around simplicity and sustainability.

While these communities are still somewhat of a novelty, demand is expected to grow now that millennials are the largest share of homebuyers on the market today. Agrihoods are part of a larger movement known as “new urbanism” to create walkable, mixed-use communities that prioritize healthful living and strong connections.

Living in an agrihood doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly become a working farmer. Residents are encouraged to volunteer at the farm, but the actual work is done by professionals who tend to the land and then sell the produce to residents and retailers, such as nearby restaurants and grocery stores.

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The True Costs of Starting a Community Garden

The True Costs of Starting a Community Garden | ecogreenlove

Growing a garden in the inner city can often be hard since very little land, if any, is available in your backyard.  If you’ve always had a green thumb and thought you’re out of luck since there’s nowhere to plant, then you may want to think again.

This is where a community garden can come into play.

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Energy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings [Infographic]

Energy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Increased demand is a certainty and we can no longer deny the elephant in the room. We need to address the issue of creating buildings that support the demand without setting us further back in other areas. Energy efficiency saves money and creates jobs and will be essential to both homes and businesses in the future.

The examples in this infographic show just how effective energy efficient and sustainable buildings can be, as well as how creative.

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