Most Unusual Corporate Sustainability Collaborations

Most Unusual Corporate Sustainability Collaborations | ecogreenlove

The green revolution is influencing sustainable corporate collaborations. Corporations are responsible for the largest sum of atmospheric and surface-level pollution. They can help regions meet carbon neutrality goals by establishing emission reduction strategies.

Business owners may also decrease resource exploitation to meet eco-consumers’ demands. Adopting sustainability features can help corporations gain a leg up on their competitors. Six corporate sectors are engaging in eco-conscious collaborations.

The Demand for Corporate Sustainability

Before exploring the collaborations, individuals must assess the demand for corporate sustainability. Eco-consumers are promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies, which hold companies responsible for pre- and post-consumer pollution. Businesses with CSR policies have low environmental impacts.

The policies calculate manufacturing, transportation and consumption-related pollution. Corporations can adopt CSRs to monitor their emissions and increase their transparency. They may also team up with other sustainability groups to develop eco-conscious business models.

Most Unusual Corporate Sustainability Collaborations | ecogreenlove
Photo by Brian Yurasits

Department Stores Work with Zoos to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Selfridges is one English department store with high sustainability regulations. The company is teaming up with the Zoological Society of London to raise marine microplastic awareness. Together, the organizations are working on the Project Ocean movement.

The department store also eliminates plastic water bottles from its food halls to reduce landfill waste. Selfridges is installing water refill stations to promote material reuse. Cosmetic companies are following similar sustainability patterns to minimize post-consumer packaging waste.

Most Unusual Corporate Sustainability Collaborations | ecogreenlove
Photo by pmv chamara

Cosmetic Companies Use Post-Consumer Packaging

Makeup companies are teaming up with sustainable packaging manufacturers to reduce pollution. Izzy is a zero-waste beauty company which uses medical-grade stainless steel containers. Consumers can send their containers back to Izzy for refills to eliminate packaging waste.

Izzy also ships original containers in upcycled packaging. Their products are sustainable as well and rely on vegan ingredients. Laundromat owners are also following the green movement and minimizing resource exploitation.

Most Unusual Corporate Sustainability Collaborations | ecogreenlove
Photo by Bianca Jordan

Coin Laundromats are Sourcing Reclaimed Water for Washing

Laundromats use significant amounts of water and appliance materials. Water heaters, commercial-strength washers and conventional detergents may cause adverse environmental impacts. Business owners are reducing laundromat startup costs and pollution by installing rainwater harvesting systems.

Rainwater harvesting systems produce clean water while eliminating runoff. The systems rely on collection barrels to pump rainwater and snowmelt through filters. Laundromat owners can directly distribute the purified water to washing machines.

Conventional washing machines use about 40 gallons of water per load. The machines significantly contribute to freshwater exploitation. Laundromat owners are improving sustainability by using water reclamation.

Carpet Manufacturers are Creating Products from Used Car Parts

Another company integrating sustainable practices into its business model is Interface. The company is teaming up with car part recycling groups to minimize landfill waste. About 5% to 6% of vehicles require annual window replacements.

Interface is converting used printed circuit boards (PCB) into sustainable carpets. The material comes from the laminate in car windows. Together, Interface and supply chain companies can improve manufacturing sustainability.

Most Unusual Corporate Sustainability Collaborations | ecogreenlove
Photo by Robert Laursoo

Shoe Companies Manufacture Products from Recycled Tires

The Timberland shoe company also reduces material waste by manufacturing boots from recycled materials. Timberland teamed up with Omni United to convert used car tires into shoe soles. Omni also developed a tire specifically for future shoe recycling.

The companies’ manufacturing teams worked together to ensure the quality and performance of recycled rubber boots. Timberland was the first shoe company to use green rubber in manufacturing. The company recognized significant eco-consumer and economic benefits from the sustainable transition.

Coffee Producers are Recycling Used Grinds for Biofuel

Railway companies are meeting eco-consumer demands by promoting coffee recycling. The organization installed 20 coffee recycling stations throughout its railway network. Six stations are converting their old coffee grounds into biofuel.

Coffee grounds release carbon emissions while degrading in landfills. Recycling coffee into biofuel minimizes landfill and transportation pollution. The railway company can also improve its finances by selling excess bean fuel.

What to Look for in a Sustainable Company

Eco-consumers can shop at low-impact stores to promote sustainable capitalism. You can read brands’ sustainability reports and goals before purchasing their products. When individuals invest in eco-friendly goods, they may improve environmental conditions.

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