Reusing old broken Umbrellas

Reusing Umbrellas | ecogreenlove

If it’s broken, mend it and reuse or donate.

Don’t chuck that broken umbrella! by TheGoodLife
If your umbrella has detached from its metal spines, tie or sew it back together with waxed floss, which will endure longer than regular thread.

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Artsy Inspiration

Pom Pom factory • Reusing Umbrellas | ecogreenlove Umbrellas • Reusing Umbrellas | ecogreenlove Penumbra, Broken Umbrellas • Reusing Umbrellas | ecogreenlove Umbrella Tuteur • Reusing Umbrellas | ecogreenlove

聚傘樹下五分鐘 (Five Minutes at Umbrella Tree) — Umbrella Movement

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Winter Dog Coat • Reusing Umbrellas | ecogreenlove The case made from fabric and a broken umbrella • Reusing Umbrellas | ecogreenlove

Be Eco: Join the Green, Share the Love! | ecogreenlove

Reusing rubber gloves

Updated: November 2016

“I’ve realized is that regardless of the material and construction, sooner or later, they all end up reaching the point of no return thanks to pointy knife tips, chemical deterioration or simple wear and tear. What I didn’t realize is that synthetically processed (as opposed to naturally derived) latex is the norm among conventional brands and that even when it’s the latter, in some cases, the material is taken without regard toward maintaining the fragile balance of forested areas such as Brazil’s Amazon region.

It’s possible to green up my kitchen habit by specifically seeking out Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified natural latex options that ensure that rubber tappers are compensated with fair trade wages when they responsibly utilize forest resources. So many natives live in poverty and are forced by their circumstances to profit in any way they can from the diminishing resources they can extract from the Amazon, but there is a better way.

The bad news is that truly eco-friendly waterproof household gloves are very challenging to find. There are just a few manufacturers right now that offer reasonable options, such as:

  • If You Care Household Gloves: These cotton-lined, naturally biodegradable lime green gloves, dipped in FSC-certified latex, are packaged in a fully recyclable cardboard box printed with nontoxic ink and sealed with equally planet-friendly glue.
  • Green Tips Fair Trade Latex Household Gloves: Described as flock-lined, ethically sourced 100% latex gloves, this FSC-certified option is also bright green in color and packaged in a fully recyclable/equally compostable container.”

– By Elizah Leigh on

“Before throwing away your rubber gloves, take another look because that glove may be useful in new, unconventional ways. By recycling rubber gloves, you’ll get more bang for your buck and discover a useful item for your household. Since rubber gloves are non-slip and waterproof, they are perfect to cover slippery surfaces and to open jars, and they can even be useful in first-aid kits.”

– By Becca Janet on eHow

Below a few ideas to reuse the old/broken rubber/latex gloves, click on each image to go to the original source and tutorial:

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Reusing Broken Things (in general)

Almost EVERYTHING can be reused, check these great ideas!

Fill your dyed Easter eggs with beeswax and create tea lights out of them.
Make plant markers out of broken pots.
If you’ve got the artistic skill, make a little micro-garden out of those shards.

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Reusing broken plates

Updated: July 2016

This week I accidentally broke a porcelain bowl. So I started to search ideas of what can I do with the broken pieces, small and big. So here are some ideas I found! if you have more ideas, share your link or picture on the comment box below.

Reusing broken plates | ecogreenlove
Beautiful DIY Garden Stones
Reusing broken plates | ecogreenlove
Mirror frame with various broken plates. A tutorial here
Useless pieces of broken ceramic dishware as seed markers

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Reusing Old Kitchen Utensils

Reusing Old Kitchen Utensils | ecogreenlove

Kitchenware  (Cutlery, Pans, Graters. Teapots. Pots, Cutting boards +)
Whisks   |   Colanders   |   Baking Tins   |   Cookie Cutters   |   Tupperware

Reusing Kitchenware

Reusing Old Kitchen Utensils | ecogreenlove
Teapot planters
Reusing Old Kitchen Utensils | ecogreenlove
Vintage Rolling Pin Towel Rack DIY Upcycled Tutorial
Reusing Old Kitchen Utensils | ecogreenlove
Repurposed kitchenware to display items [not original source]
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