Reusing Broken Things (in general)

Almost EVERYTHING can be reused, check these great ideas!

Fill your dyed Easter eggs with beeswax and create tea lights out of them.
Make plant markers out of broken pots.
If you’ve got the artistic skill, make a little micro-garden out of those shards.

Turn a broken table into TWO desks.
A broken umbrella can become one of those awesome kid parachute things.
Make a waterproof, BAGGU-style bag when you take the metal pieces out.
Melt down old crayons to make new ones, using old prescription bottles or film canisters.
Use empty glue stick containers to make a cool twist-up crayon.
Crayon wax candle
Aluminium bottle cap tealights
Salvage ripped flip-flops using an old t-shirt for the straps
Turn a pair of worn-out, falling-apart Toms into summer sandals with some creative cutting.
Soak your old Crayola markers for 12-24 hours in water to create liquid watercolors.
Use any broken stemware as candle holders in plants.
Use broken plates as garden edging.
Use bits and pieces from broken kitchenware/plates to help with drainage for garden planters.
Save the clips from broken pants hangers and reuse them as bag clips.
A broken 3-ring binder makes a cute art kit.
Turn broken jewellery into magnets.
Broken Jewellry make lovely charms for a mobile.
Glue broken jewellry on bobby pins using industrial glue.
Make a new whole piece from broken jewellery
Chandelier out of broken necklaces.
Create holographic Christmas ornaments with broken CDs.
Turn those broken ornaments into glitter (handle with care — they’re still tiny shards of glass.)
Reuse a broken globe as lampshades
Create a centrepiece fruit or potpourri holders with a broken globe
A chipped teacup makes a really cute bird feeder.
Reuse a picture frame as an earring holder display.
Make glass beads from broken glass (be sure to follow the safety precautions).
This French-style bench is, amazingly, made from two broken chairs.
Broken chairs can be repurposed into hangers.
Repurposed chair as swing {Etsy}
Worn-out mattress springs work as a desk organizer and pinboard.
An old bicycle tire has many versatile uses, like a baby mobile.
Repurposed bike wheel as pot rack
Reuse a bike wheel frame as a giant dreamcatcher
A broken ladder becomes shelves, naturally.
Turn a broken watch into a locket bracelet of sorts.
Salvage the metal parts of a broken umbrella and turn one into a magazine holder.
An old washing machine drum makes an industrial-looking nightstand.
Turn your old washing machine into a fire pit.

Originally posted on BuzzFeed

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