What the Flush! [Infographics]

What the Flush! [Infographics] | ecogreenlove

UKDN Waterflow has conducted new research with startling results. Every day Brits are flushing medicines, illegal drugs and plastics in tampon applicators and wet wipes. This comes at a huge cost to our environment. Record numbers of wet wipes were recently found on the shores of the Thames, and of course, the Whitechapel fatberg has been all over the news!

At least one in four people in the UK pour cooking oil down the drain and almost half of people pour sauces, whilst one in five allow their drains to fill with hair and almost 15% of women flush at least one of the following: tampons, applicators and wrappers. Incredibly, 94% of the population asserted they were actually confident with what they should and shouldn’t put down their pipes. Clearly, this isn’t the case!

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DIY Compost Bin [Video]

DIY Compost Bin | ecogreenlove

  1. The holes are for ventilation. Some smaller dirt pieces could fall out potentially but the holes are super small & the mulch is usually kind of stuck together, so I think it will work out.
  2. As for timeline, It depends on the temperature — heat speeds it up, as does what you put in. It can go from 16 days to a year depending. I’ll keep you posted on mine.
  3. The rolling is to help break it up and mix the dryer ingredients (leaves etc) in with the wetter ingredients (food scraps etc) to create a balanced biodegrade. You want equal (as best you can) amount of both.

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Why Compost and What to Compost? via @recycle_now


Why compost?

Composting is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden. It’s easy to make and use.

“Just like you I am keen to do my bit for the environment and at the same time help my garden. All you need to do is follow the advice on this website and you too can get the best out of your bin and start giving Mother Nature a helping hand”

– Philippa Forrester

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