Home Gym Essentials to Stay Fit [Visual]

Home Gym Essentials to Stay Fit during the Era of Social Distancing [Visual] | ecogreenlove

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and sticking to it takes a lot of time, motivation, and commitment. The global pandemic has forced us all to stay at home. However, these unprecedented times have given us a chance to reflect on our habits and lifestyle and work towards altering them for good.

For many, staying at home has, in some way or the other, disturbed their otherwise set fitness routines. But this shouldn’t be an excuse for gaining those extra pounds or being a couch potato.

The 21-Day Challenge to Follow Active Lifestyle + Detailed Infographic

Recently, social media experienced a surge in the number of 21-day challenge posts shared by various brands and influencers alike. The 21-day challenge is a straightforward approach towards healthy living. It encourages fitness-conscious individuals to practice good habits, allowing them to enjoy maximum health benefits without having to starve or work out excessively.

Once the plan aligns with your busy life and fitness goals, it’s easy to follow the routine. The only challenge is staying motivated to stick with it. Here are some simple tips that will help you build an active lifestyle in just 21 days and keep you going.

1. Stretch Your 30

Begin with short sessions of stretching and work your way up to high-intensity exercises. Make it fun and interesting by including some dance sessions. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, three 10-minute sessions are just as good as one long session. Focus on getting your 30 minutes of activity every day. Develop your workout routine to ensure an active lifestyle by the end of 21 days.

2. Involve Your Family

Staying at home has enabled us to spend quality time with our loved ones. Why not make them a part of your 21-day challenge too? Plan joint fitness sessions with your family to spend fun moments together and keep everyone fit and active. Working out with loved ones provides an excellent opportunity for family bonding too!

Go for long walks together or sign up for a yoga session at a mutually convenient time. Better still, go on a home cleaning and organizing spree. Such group activities will develop support and accountability and give you that extra motivation you need to stay active. Create a schedule that everyone enjoys and can adhere to even after 21 days.

3. Ditch Processed Food. Go DIY!

A recent study revealed that packaged foods are ultra-processed and exceed the recommended limits for saturated fat, sugar, and sodium content. Therefore, it’s wise to avoid such processed foods.

Go DIY! Plan your meals according to seasons, get in your kitchen, and cook up a healthy meal for you and your loved ones. Use fresh produce that’s full of the essential nutrients required to stay fit. Load your diet with nutrients to stay fit and keep you from getting lethargic.

4. Practice Mindful Eating

Be conscious of what you eat. Take your meals in small portions and increase your fiber intake for better health benefits. Cut down your sugar intake and increase vegetable and fruit consumption to provide your body with the necessary nutrients. During these 21 days train your gut to choose healthy food items.

5. Have Dedicated Space for Working Out

Working out regularly is a critical part of your 21-day fitness challenge. But going to the gym or a public place like a park is no longer safe.

Stay on top of your fitness routine by getting the gym home. Set up a home gym or a workout corner to remind you to exercise regularly. Start by investing in the gym equipment that can help you achieve your fitness goals. For instance, if you plan to strengthen your core muscles, invest in a resistance band set, dumbbells, an adjustable bench, and a few safety essentials like a rubber surfacing for adequate shock absorption.

Here’s an interesting infographic by Rubcorp that compiles critical statistics and tips on setting up a home gym. You will find valuable advice on the top home gym equipment you should invest in. So, go ahead and create your fitness corner or room and stay active.

We hope you are motivated enough to take up the 21-day challenge for an active lifestyle. The tips shared above will guide you through these 21 days and beyond, helping you and your loved ones stay healthy and active.

Home Gym Essentials to Stay Fit during the Era of Social Distancing [Visual] | ecogreenlove
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