Eco-friendly dentistry: A need for future

Eco-friendly dentistry: A need for future | ecogreenlove

Dentistry mainly deals with conservative and pain-relieving treatment to the different aspects of the oral cavity. No one can deny that dental issues can be extremely problematic, and a dental clinic is the best way to eliminate it. However, it has been commonly noted that dentistry generates a lot of waste, in general. A lot of this waste is plastic-based and non-biodegradable. However, the world has had enough pollution all around, and it is the right time to take the proper steps to undo all the damage that has already been done. In the field of dentistry, the answer is eco-friendly and green dentistry. A little more detailed description of it has been given below.

Eco-friendly dentistry: A need for future | ecogreenlove

What is Eco-friendly dentistry

As mentioned before, a lot of waste is generated in dentistry, which adds to the burden of the population. The x-ray films are made of non-biodegradable plastic along with the disposable cups and pipes used with it. The need to eliminate all of this led to the invention of a type of dental practice that is more favorable to nature. This is known as Eco-friendly dentistry. As the name suggests, it is ecologically friendly and devises methods to generate as little waste as possible.

By doing so, the burden of pollution can be reduced to quite an extent, something that is desirable to all. In no way does it compromise the quality of dental care, though, as a lot of importance is given to the patients’ comfort and following all the safety protocols adequately. Thus, it does not hamper dentistry and makes it even safer for everyone.

Eco-friendly dentistry: A need for future | ecogreenlove

Ways to make your dental practice eco-friendly

Now that you are aware of eco-friendly dentistry, the next big question is, as a dentist, how do you implement it. Here are some tips to soothe out the confusion in this regard.

Be proactive

First and foremost, you should be supportive of the concept wholeheartedly. Only then would you be able to implement it to a real extent. Search for some existing literature about the kind of waste generated in dentistry and how it is disposed to gain proper insight into this topic. Once you do that, you can even share it with others in your profession. Be proactive in propagating the idea of eco-friendly dentistry with others in the same field.

Moreover, promote the maintenance of oral hygiene to deal with dental problems at an oral stage. The shift from tea and coffee to other beverages like Kratom can prevent the staining and wear off of teeth. Big Bear kratom is an excellent example of it. You can even encourage it more.

Install green products

When you say green products, you exclude everything that has a plastic or related products associated with its manufacture. For example, you can choose to move to a digital form of dentistry. Digital imaging has gained a lot of popularity in recent times, and radiographs can reduce a lot of chemical waste generation in their form.

It could also mean not using paints with volatile components or use proper reusable syringes for multiple purposes. It is called green products as it helps to preserve the greenery of the planet by not contributing to its destruction.

Reuse and Recycle

These two terms are the maintain epitome for many ecologically friendly methods, and dentistry is no exception to it. Instead of just discarding things after seeing or using it once, recycle it into a new product or something that is usable. The use of paper can be eliminated by this method, which can be a huge relief in the remaining aspect.

Conserve energy and other resources

There are many machines and automated devices that play an important role in a particular type of dental treatment. Running a clinic also means relying on different forms of energy. You can conserve energy by ensuring that something is not used unless necessary.

For example, switch off the lights and devices when not in use, use LCD instead of TFT, and use chairs and furniture with a natural area of origin. This also goes a long way in preserving Mother Nature.

Eco-friendly dentistry: A need for future | ecogreenlove

Benefits of green dentistry

If you are still not convinced in green dentistry, here are a few advantages:

  1. Reduces wastes
    Takes care of the major issues of conventional dental care. As plastic usage is controlled and biodegradable products are advocated, there can be a huge reduction in waste production in general.

  2. High-technology dentistry
    High-technology is mainly associated with new inventions that can be useful for eco-friendly dentistry. Technology has played as a first fiddle in many fields, and dentistry is no different. High-technology involves materials that are pollution-free and also methods of adapting and using them adequately.

  3. Saves water, energy, and money
    If you ever visit a dentist, you will understand that most procedures require a stream of water to act as a coolant during friction generating procedures. You can plan the water line in such a way that minimum use of it is practiced. Also, make sure that the lights and air-conditions are off when not in use.

    These are the various facets of green dentistry that should be followed in the best possible manner to improve the quality of dental care globally.

Author Bio:
Mike Khorev earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree, as well as a Master of Science, from the University of Toronto. He provides exceptional patient care by investing time in getting to know his patients, easing their concerns, and providing practical ways for improving their dental health.

Eco-friendly dentistry: A need for future | ecogreenlove

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