A Simple Way to Embrace Conscious Consumption [Greener Square]

Greener Square: A Simple Way to Embrace Conscious Consumption | ecogreenlove

Ever wanted to peel back the label and find out what values a brand believes in during the creation of their products? Ever desired a platform that curates and researchers products with respect to what you value most? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you’re like me; and guess what, I have good news.

I found a site. It’s called, Greener Square: a marketplace centered around the idea of people and planet healthy products. In essence, it’s a compass that may guide you on a path towards conscious consumption, in a way that is simple and straightforward.

Founded and created by Jake Madoff, an Environmental Studies major at New York University, GreenerSquare.com curates products ranging from food, clothing, cosmetics and furniture, selecting only products that meet five clear and simple principles of conscious consumption:

  1. Sustainable: developed using sustainable practices, having a low environmental impact.
  2. Ethical & Humane: created in ways which uphold honorable ethical values and humane animal welfare.
  3. Organic or Natural: composed of safe and quality, organic or natural ingredients.
  4. Locally Sourced: made with locally sourced ingredients or materials.
  5. Gives Back: sold by a company that donates to environmental or humanitarian causes.

Greener Square: A Simple Way to Embrace Conscious Consumption | ecogreenlove

I often get stressed thinking about what ‘s in the food I eat, or the lotion that I put on my skin, and I experience difficulty finding clothing and home accessories that are made in way that are environmental and socially responsible. GreenerSquare.com works for me— it allows me to browse through a curated platform of products and search by principles and qualities that matter most to me.

Also, the site is perfect for those who practice the vegan lifestyle. Since veganism supports both the health of the people and the planet, many of Greener Square’s product reviews have vegan products.

There are a lot of different blogs out there that I visit to find what’s new and popular, but it’s nice to have one space to frequent where the reviews are supported by research. No to mention, Greener Square crafts bundle packs with essentials for healthy, green living – and even makes posts where you can buy a whole ethically made outfit in one easy click. They make it super easy.

The demand for a more conscious way of consumption is exponentially increasing. I encourage you to let Greener Square be that thing that gives you an easy way to consume smarter and healthier for yourself and the planet.

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