Seasonal Flowers [Hand Drawn Infographic]

Seasonal Flowers [Hand Drawn Infographic] | ecogreenlove

ecogreenlove started out as a resource for upcycling projects, as many of you might be aware of – but it quickly grew to a full-blown blog that looks at just about anything that can make living greener, more sustainable, and more fulfilling.

Now, I’d like to let you in on a little secret that’s going to improve your well-being while adding more life and color to empty spaces.

What is it?

Flowers! It turns out flower-loving activists from the 1960s were up to something every time they protested on the streets chanting “flower power.” Research has proven time and time again that having flowers around us doesn’t just enhance the look of our garden and encourage proliferation of healthy organisms.

Flowers are also good for our mental health – and they even improve our performance in the workplace!

“But growing flowers is hard! And you can only grow them during spring and summer, right?” you might wonder.

Sure, not all flowers are created equal – and some take painstaking attention to detail and great care to cultivate. But if you’re thinking you can only grow vibrant blooms during spring and summer, I’ve got a pleasant surprise for you.

Plant-loving folks from GrabCo just shared an infographic of seasonal flowers – and if you plan on keeping your garden adorned with colourful blooms all year round, this infographic/guide can help greatly. The guide shows you what flowers you can successfully grow no matter the season:

  • Spring – Peony, corn flower, and daffodils
  • Summer – Dahlia, sunflower, and amaranthus
  • Autumn – Zinnia and Echinacea
  • Winter – Chrysanthemum, pepperberry, evergreens, and phlox

The infographic contains illustrations of over 100 seasonal flowers. So print it out, paste it on your garden shed’s wall, and be sure to reference it when you’re looking for seasonal flower ideas.

Seasonal Flowers [Hand Drawn Infographic] | ecogreenloveSeasonal Flowers [Infographic] by the team at Grabco

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