5 Statistics to Help you get more Sleep

5 Statistics to Help you get more Sleep | ecogreenlove

Mattress company SleePare has gathered together a list of over 100 different statistics that are designed to help you get more sleep. You can use these statistics to help you either avoid or start new habits that will help you get a night of better sleep. 

As we all know, getting quality sleep is important to help our bodies and minds refresh and regenerate for each new day. Not getting enough quality sleep has been linked to fatigue, irritability, and anger. If you want to avoid those pitfalls that come from a lack of sleep or some of the other health-related problems caused by lack of sleep, check out the list below. 

1. One Hour of Screen Time Reduces Sleep by Up To 8 Minutes

For every hour you spend in front of your computer or smartphone, you lose between three and eight minutes of sleep each night. The average American spends approximately 10 hours a day in front of a screen. Statistically, this means that the average person is losing up to 80 minutes of sleep per night because of our use of computers and other electronic devices. If you are finding that you aren’t sleeping enough, you may want to consider using your devices less frequently. 

2. 36.5% of Workers Get Less than 7 Hours of Sleep

Working hard is often its own reward but if you work too hard, you can be prioritizing work over your need for sleep. In fact, only one out of every 10 people prioritize sleep over work, hobbies, and fitness. The problem with that is that if you aren’t getting enough sleep, you may be setting yourself up for failure at work. Not getting enough sleep will hinder your brain’s ability to be as sharp as possible which will make it harder to be productive.

3. Since 2018, Women Work More and Sleep Less Than Men

It is often said that women have a harder time finding a work-life balance than men and statistics show that this is the case. In addition to working more and sleeping less than men women also spend 25 percent more of their time on childcare and housework than they should on their own personal care. Personal care, which includes sleep, is important for mental health.

4. Unhealthy Foods Reduce Quality Sleep

According to research, poor sleep is linked to the consumption of low fiber, high saturated fat, and high sugar foods. If you find that you are having trouble sleeping at night, one of the quickest things you can do to improve your sleep is to improve your diet. Try eating more fruits and vegetables, they are often full of healthy sugars and fiber and will help you to get better sleep at night.

5. Each Cigarette Smoked Reduces Sleep by 1.2 Minutes

Are you a smoker? If so, we have yet another reason why you should quit. Everyone knows the multiple health-related reasons why smoking is bad for your health and well being but not everyone knows that tobacco use contributes to losing sleep. Due to nicotine stimulation and withdrawal effects, every cigarette smoked will reduce your sleep by 1.2 minutes. If you smoke a pack a day, you lose almost a half-hour of sleep per night due to your smoking habit.

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s rest you may want to look into these five statistics for ways that you can get more sleep. For example, if as a woman you are noticing that you aren’t getting enough sleep, you may want to ask your partner to help out more with household chores and childcare tasks. Check the statistics and try to modify your behaviors to counteract those pitfalls.

Author bio:
Jennifer Chonillo is a content writer for American Mattress Company SleePare. When she’s not writing amazing articles, she’s playing in her backyard with her son or taking pictures with her Polaroid camera on hiking trails in Raleigh, NC 

5 Statistics to Help you get more Sleep | ecogreenlove
It is Health, the real Wealth! | ecogreenlove

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