The Benefits of Sustainable Shopping

The Benefits of Sustainable Shopping | ecogreenlove

In the world of business, sustainability is an important factor. The dictionary meaning states that sustainability is the quality of being able to continue over a long period of time. This could stand for a whole host of elements, as the meaning will vary depending on the industry.

The importance of sustainability is deep-rooted in fashion, regarding the lifespan and quality of the clothes and the effect the production process has on the environment. A fashion brand with a sustainable production line will benefit the planet and its customers. 

Now more than ever, customers look for sustainability when shopping, despite the increase of damaging industries such as fast fashion, which are overproducing and polluting. This is because of the many benefits that sustainable shopping offers, including the lack of slave labour, fewer pollutants and of course, the use of organic and renewable materials. 

Safer work environments

One of the many advantages of shopping with a sustainable brand is the knowledge that workers are treated with the respect they deserve. This treatment is a significant contrast to various companies in the fast fashion industry, who have been accused of modern slavery practices due to hiring workers without a visa and paying them less than minimum wage with zero benefits. 

Sustainability principles also extend to employees, as many companies are dedicated to protecting and investing in their workers. This ensures that workers feel safe and secure, making them more likely to stay with the company, work hard, and offer customers the best service. 

The Benefits of Sustainable Shopping | ecogreenlove
Source: Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

Reduced production waste

The fashion industry is one of the top ten worst industries for pollution and waste. On a global scale, textile waste amounts to 13 million tonnes, 95% of which could have been recycled or reused. These extensive figures explain why many companies have made it their mission to reduce greenhouse gases and introduce recycling processes. 

Brands that consider themselves sustainable reduce air pollution and aim to make clothing as long-lasting as possible to prevent waste. This involves investing in high-quality, organic materials that produce fewer chemicals and lessen consumption. This type of clothing often lends itself to second-hand purchases or can be recycled into a completely new product. 

The Benefits of Sustainable Shopping | ecogreenlove
Source: Photo by ready made from Pexels

Organic and eco-friendly materials 

The majority of sustainable companies utilise organic and raw materials which are completely natural and safe and have little to no impact on the planet. Organisations that use raw materials reduce the number of pollutants that enter the atmosphere, protecting the environment and people’s health. 

A great example of this is fashion brands who are swapping out fleece material for merino wool, a soft, itch-free material. Unlike fleece which uses microfibres (tiny pieces of plastic) that pollute waterways each time they are washed, merino wool is completely free of any plastic materials. Merino wool is also typically sourced from organic sheep farms, where cruelty and chemical use is non-existent. 

The Benefits of Sustainable Shopping | ecogreenlove
Source: Photo by Vie Studio from Pexels

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Heather Barrigan is a Political Correspondent at ImmiNews, specialising in outreach and the creation of engaging and informative immigration-related content.

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