Earth Day Activities and Upcycling Crafts

Earth Day Activities, Games and Upcycling Crafts | ecogreenlove

Every April 22, it’s a day to celebrate Earth Day but also to create awareness that Our world needs transformational change. We believe that caring for the Earth is not a matter of one day but a change of habits to transform our individual lifestyles (which will influence us as a consumer, a voter, and a member of a community that can unite for a change).

Whether it’s a creative or functional upcycling, a walk in a park or through the woods, picking up litter, or buying more Earth-friendly products, here are many ways that you can help to care for your planet and make Earth Day Everyday.

Table of contents:

The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day; a movement is only people moving.

Gloria Steinem

50 Habits to adopt

The important thing is to keep in mind the most basic Rs, all the following activities are based on these three principles:

Earth Day Activities and Upcycling Crafts | ecogreenlove
beautiful illustration design by madeitmikayla
part of her Earth Day collection, available as sticker to sell on her etsy

The account of @_somethinggoodtoday_ has really great practical tips for your daily path to a less-waste lifestyle plus full informative captions on each post, def check them out! Here are our faves:

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.”

—Jane Goodall
Earth Day Activities and Upcycling Crafts | ecogreenlove
illustration by _somethinggoodtoday_


Functional Upcycling ideas

Earth Day functional Upcycling Ideas | ecogreenlove
handkerchiefs out of unused shirt (cotton, cotton-synthetic blend, silk, hemp, linen, etc.) by somethinggoodtoday
💚 Find more ideas to Repurpose old T-shirts

Blogger Lola Fernández shared on her IG a series of great upcycling ideas:
(follow her on Instagram for tips on zero waste, upcycling and sustainability)

Find more ideas to Repurpose
💚 Plastic bottles 💚 Candles jars 💚 Fabrics 💚 Tin cans 💚 Wine corks 💚 Bike tire inner tube 💚 Produce mesh/nets

Earth Day functional Upcycling Ideas | ecogreenlove
pencil holder made with newspaper by the_crazycreation
💚 More ideas to Repurpose Newspaper and Magazines



Eco-conscious Activities, Challenges & Games on Earth Day for all ages

Earth Week Challenge by
Earth Day Challenge by readzieandrach



Now it’s a great time to explore the natural spaces in your area. And if you have kids you can get them into it by creating a little game around your nature walk. ⠀

Earth Day Activities and Upcycling Crafts | ecogreenlove
read the ideas by @_somethinggoodtoday_

A nice online game for you as an adult but also to play with your kid is the Google Doodle made for Earth Day in 2020. See what all the buzz is about in this interactive Earth Day Doodle. Guide your bee to pollinate flowers while learning fun facts about bees and our planet that they help to sustain.

Click on the gif below to play the game, it will open in a new tab

Earth Day Bee Game Google Doodle 2020
Interactive Earth Day Google Doodle (2020)
Earth Day Activities and Upcycling Crafts | ecogreenlove
free printable earth day 8-card bingo by mapleplanners


Don’t underestimate your power. When your voice and your actions are united with thousands or millions of others around the world, we create a movement that is inclusive, impactful, and impossible to ignore.

Trash is the failure of Imagination | ecogreenlove

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