Earth Day Activities and Upcycling Crafts

Earth Day Activities, Games and Upcycling Crafts | ecogreenlove

Every April 22, it’s a day to celebrate Earth Day but also to create awareness that Our world needs transformational change. We believe that caring for the Earth is not a matter of one day but a change of habits to transform our individual lifestyles (which will influence us as a consumer, a voter, and a member of a community that can unite for a change).

Whether itโ€™s a creative or functional upcycling, a walk in a park or through the woods, picking up litter, or buying more Earth-friendly products, here are many ways that you can help to care for your planet and make Earth Day Everyday.

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Reusing old (board) games

[Updated: October 2018]

Creative Ways to Repurpose old Board Games | ecogreenlove
Gameboy Pokemon Terrariums made by WakuWakuIsland
[not original source]

Creative Ways to Repurpose old Board Games | ecogreenlove
Pieces from old board games turned into jewellery by Denise Bonaimo Sarram

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