Reusing old board games


Pieces from old board games turned into jewellery by Denise Bonaimo Sarram
reusing commonly found items as one-of-a-kind party décor

Board Game Coasters – SPANISH Scrabble [Etsy]

Board Game Turned Journal
Professor Andrew Wodzianski with help from students, adhered 36,000 green Monopoly Game houses to the exterior of a six-foot diameter dome
Decorating with Vintage Board Games From Ohdeedoh:
the surplus lamp: lamp by Beth at Green Cricket Salvage using money from a circa 1930s Monopoly game.
Dominotrix: glued dominos on a piece of plywood (an inexpensive, and surprising heavy, piece of art)
Upcycled Board Journal by Katie from Punk Projects
Jewellery box out of monopoly board
old scrabble boards with Scrabble tiles to caption and frame photos.
Craft Frame {From Old Board Games!}
Monopoly Jr. Storage Set: Dresser and Box
Scrabble coasters
Altered Monopoly House / Hotel Charm
How to Make Game Card Earrings

Get ideas for Storing Board Games SMALL SPACE SOLUTIONS on Apartment Therapy


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