DIY: Upcycled Father’s Day Gifts ideas (avoid consuming!)

DIY: Upcycled Father's Day Gifts ideas | ecogreenlove

Updated: May 2019

“Take time to think about what Dad enjoys, so you can pick something he will actually use and enjoy… Go beyond the usual Father’s Day card and include a special memory or two you have about special times with him, especially something he may not know you consider special.”

Rodale’s Organic Life

Remember, is more significant when you give something personalised you made by yourself, avoid consuming! And a big respectful thought to all those who play both parent roles 💚

Here are some gift ideas that are light on the planet:
(by Rodale’s Organic Life)

  • If your father’s hard to shop for
    Take him out for a special meal at a local restaurant (look for one that uses local ingredients), or plan a picnic at an event he will enjoy (check your local paper and you can probably come up with a selection of free or inexpensive concerts, sporting events, and other activities he can choose from).
  • If he could use a little luxury in his life
    Consider a product made from bamboo! Bamboo is a very eco-friendly crop: It has few pests or diseases, so it is easy to grow organically; it doesn’t need extra water, it thrives on steep slopes where other crops would cause erosion, and it regrows what has been harvested in a year or two.
  • If Dad likes to cook (or could use some help or ideas)
    A cookbook and/or some healthy cooking classes may be appreciated, especially if you can go together. Or take him to some local grown produce market to choose ingredients and plan a meal together.
  • If your Dad doesn’t do alcohol 
    Get him a soda-making kit from my favourite soda maker, Sodastream (USA). He’ll be able to enjoy fresh seltzer or soda without all those bottles to carry home and get rid of.
  • If you’re up to DIY
    What about something upcycled reusing everyday materials? Then find some ideas or inspiration here below! When you do something by yourself, it has less impact on the environment, your wallet, you will be avoiding consumption and he will sure appreciate something unique and personalised.

Whatever you decide, make sure to spend time with him, not only on Father’s day and to give him something that expresses what you feel for him and/or he likes!

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Get inspired on Instructables!

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3 ways to upcycle Ties:

DIY Father’s day card:

DIY necktie wreath:


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  1. For the dad who likes gardening {uncommon goods}
  2. For the dad who likes writing {uncommon goods}
  3. For the dad who likes cooking {uncommon goods}

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NOTE: There are gifts that are specified for Men which are not necessarily only for men, could be for women as well… just to clarify, is not a matter of gender if there are beer/wine bottles or heavy duty work tools used on these tutorials. Is generic.

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3 thoughts on “DIY: Upcycled Father’s Day Gifts ideas (avoid consuming!)

  1. We usually cook a special dinner at home or if the weather is good might go out for a walk. Home made cards always good.

    1. Yes! Spending quality time is ideal. Sometimes we forget that sharing time and listening is the best present you can make to your parents (Specially if you are already a grown-up) but for kids is also fun to make something crafty to actually involve them

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