Creative ways Materials are Upcycled [Infographic]

“Aside the responsibilities that burden the manufacturing sector, we as individuals can do a lot to help our planet survive from the human rush. Upcycling is a good example of adopting a greener lifestyle. Fast Haul presents 8 alternative ideas of reusing waste materials to create new products with value.”

Creative ways Materials are Upcycled [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Source: Fast Haul
*Note: Prices are from 2013, may have changed by now 😉

💚 More ideas to Reuse Chopsticks
💚 More ideas to Reuse Glass Bottles
💚 Find ideas for Father’s Day Upcycled gifts
💚 More ideas to Reuse Cardboard like empty Cereal Boxes or empty Toilet Paper rolls
💚 Find ideas to Reuse Broken Things in general
💚 More ideas to Reuse old Suitcases
💚 More ideas to Reuse old Tires
💚 More ideas of DIY: Upcycled Candle holders

Would you make or buy one of these unique and not so conventional products?

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