DIY: Candle holders

DIY: Candle holders | ecogreenlove
hand made recycled candle holder
Recycled candle holder
Recycled candle holder

Sustainable Futures Hurricane Lamps
Sustainable Futures Votive Holders
Decoupage Recycled Candle Holder
Recycle turn can & glass into candle holders & garden luminaries
Recycled Candle Holders & Bowls
Wine bottles get a new life
a recycled candle holder.
candle holder from PET
Recycled candle holders
Recycled Plastic Bottle Floating Candle Holders
PET bottom bottle candle holder
Recycled Design Concept consisting of painted pallet, attached sewn pillows & recycled painted Candle jars to spicy it up a little!
Beaded bobeche and recycled bottle candle sticks
Green Paper Flameless Candle Votive Upcycled from Magazines [Etsy]
Reclaimed teak wood candle holder
Candle holder with recycled socket
Recycling plastic bottles – How to make a candle holder
Recycled bicycle handlebar as candelabra
Candles out of tin can
DIY Driftwood Candle Holders
Recycled bottle cap Candle holders
candle holders made out of recycled glas jars
Recycled newspaper candle holder
Recycling your Soda Cans to Candle Holders
Candle holder designed with Recycled Coffee Filters
DIY Cement Candle Holders
From Lamp to Candle Holder
Recycle Waterbottles into Candleholders
recycled bottle bottoms: candle holder
Recycled Candle holder (Italian)
Recycled Art Candle Holders
Jingle Bell Candle Trays
Ladel candle holder
RECYCLED Circuit Board candle holder
RECYCLED CIRCUIT BOARD Funky Repurposed Vintage Lantern Candle Holder
Outside candle holders from recycled cans
vintage silver spoons – crisscross them and upcycle into candle holders!
Driftwood candle holders
Beaded design on recycled CD for candle holder
oneeighty votive candle holder
bottle & bedspring candle holders
Recycled Bottle Candle Holders
Film Roll Candle Rings
Recycle cans and clothespins for candle holders or pots for plants
Recycled can + ribbon + rocks = cute tea candle holder!
Recycled Candle Holder

how to make pine cone candle holders


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