DIY: Repurposed Gift Wrapping

Updated: May 2019

The season for major gifts is coming, we are less than a month away from Christmas and New Year. Here are some ideas to wrap your presents in a unique way but also reusing materials we usually could throw away. Hope you find them inspirational, I bet you will not need to buy old common paper and ribbons to wrap your presents again!

Wraps • Ribbons and TagsContainers
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Don’t toss away all the wrapping paper and ribbon that once covered other gifts. Instead, run it through a shredder (cut to size first, if needed) and use it for lining gift boxes or bags.

You can always repurpose some cloth and wrap everything with the awesome Japanese Furoshiki style 😉


Woven paper gift wrap – Simple yet beautiful
wrap it up | with a men’s button up shirt
Bottle Gift Bag Upcycled Shirt for Cuff Link Presentation {Etsy}
Unique Gift Wrap Ideas for the Holidays
Recycled Cashmere Sweater Christmas Stocking & Gift Bags
Map Gift Wrap
Decorated Tin ~ A way to upcycle/decorate soup cans for gift giving. (Hebrew)
Wine Gift Bag Made From Jeans
Repurpose a paper towel roll to wrap those little presents
Reusable wrapped gift canisters
Recycled Newspaper Gift Bags
How To Upcycle Newspaper into Wrapping Paper
Upcycled Gift Wrapping
Christmas Gift Wrapping ideas
Eco-Chic: 3 Innovative Ways to Upcycle Gift Wrap
More wrap ideas

Ribbons and Tags

Paper flowers for packages or anything else!
Make a gift bow from a magazine page
Paint Chip Gift Tags
Big A** Paper Bows from Old Maps
Adorable Gift Tag Ideas
A Cozy Christmas: Gift Wrap
Different vintage style ribbons
Origami Box & Card with Dictionary Sacrifice Rosette gift wrap option {Etsy}
Paint strip samples, brown Kraft paper lefts overs… Into Thank You cards!
Quick gift wrapping fix


Recycled packaging for cupcakes, cookies, and macarons
Egg carton gift packaging
Upcycle empty Pringles chip canisters into holiday cookie containers
Paper bag from newspaper
Recycled Way to Wrap Up Christmas Gifts with plastic bottles
UPCYCLED GROCERY BAG (not just an easter basket)
Re-purposed Giftwrapping
Sandwich Caddy from a Milk Jug (could be used for any small present)
Upcycled apple treat cups with plastic bottles
DIY: Repurposed Gift Wrapping | ecogreenlove
This is a perfect wrapping for small gifts – Insert your gift into two Roll-on Deodorant caps that you have thoroughly washed, sealed with tape and add a gift tag & some ribbon
via growingsnowballs
💚 Ideas to Repurpose empty Deodorant bottles

Trash is the failure of Imagination! 😉

Trash is the failure of Imagination | ecogreenlove

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