Food Gift Recipe: Lemon Madeleines

Food Gift Recipe: Lemon & Poppy Seed Madeleines | ecogreenlove

Madeleines traditionally have a shell shape. But you can mould them as muffins or cake pops if you want. Luckily, shape does not necessarily define how food tastes like. This mini sponge cake originating from France is the perfect breakfast to go along a hot drink during winter time. This Lemon and poppy seeds madeleines recipe is a twist by Gordon Ramsay.

This is the fourth of a series of Food Gifts recipes. Hope you find it useful!

Eat Good, Feel Good! 🍏

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Food Gift Recipe: Cranberry Florentines

Food Gift Recipe: Cranberry Florentines | ecogreenlove

These homemade make a very thoughtful gift to a friend or family. Golden, sweet and chewy Italian biscuits with the flavours and colours of cherries and cranberries.

This is the second of a series of Food Gifts recipes. Hope you find it useful!

Eat Good, Feel Good! 🍏

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Food Gift Recipe: Chocolate Coated Grapes

Recipe Food Gift: Chocolate Coated Grapes | ecogreenlove

This is the first of a series of Food Gifts recipes. Hope you find it useful!

Eat Good, Feel Good! 🍏

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DIY Homemade Sugar Scrubs [Infographic]

DIY Homemade Sugar Scrubs [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

via  U Create

Want to give a gift to that person who seems to have everything and it hard to shop for?! Or maybe just for yourself, create a luxurious sugar scrub using your favorite scent!

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It is Health the real Wealth | ecogreenlove

Holiday Consumerism: Should I Buy this? [Infographic]

“On Black Friday, This Flow Chart Asks: Should I Buy This?”
Originally Published on VisualNews, Written by Benjamin Starr

If you’re not already standing in line today waiting to score some sweet deals, this flowchart might just give you second thoughts on this all-American of shopping days. Should you buy it? Or should it stay on the shelves?

Sure, there’s that unique Black Friday risk of being trampled getting in the door of the store, but we’re not here to analyze risk. This flowchart put together by GOOD, asks us how important scoring that latest gadget or goodie really is. Their playful chart prods us to consider consuming less and focusing on our family like we did yesterday.


DIY: Repurposed Gift Wrapping

Updated: December 2016

The season for major gifts is coming, we are less than a month away for Christmas and New Year. Here are some ideas to wrap your presents in an unique way but also reusing materials we usually could throw away. Hope you find them inspirational, I bet you will not need to buy old common paper and ribbons to wrap your presents again!

Wraps • Ribbons and TagsContainers
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Don’t toss away all the wrapping paper and ribbon that once covered other gifts. Instead, run it through a shredder (cut to size first, if needed) and use it for lining gift boxes or bags.

You can always repurpose some cloth and wrap everything with the awesome japanese Furokashi style 😉

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Reusing Torn Gift Wrap Paper