Reusing soda / food cans


Updated: April 2016

Scarf organiser
Scarf organiser
scarf organizer II
Mood candle lights

DIY bracelets
Cutlery holder {Spanish}
Candle holders
Tin can lantern
Save old soup cans and transform them into a clever organizational system. Store art supplies, like colored pencils, rubber stamps and markers, for easy access.
Dipped cans holder
Another can organiser
reuse aluminium tin cans | ecogreenlove
Cans as flower pots
Like Olsen, cans to curl hair
Can toss game for a vintage carnival birthday party
Recycled Tin Can Flower Caddy
Paint-Can Cubbies
New life for old cans
New life for old cans
Can-Do Crafts
DIY tin can table numbers
Yellow and Green Floral Convertible Lamp (Etsy)
Tin Can Vases
reuse aluminium tin cans | ecogreenlove
Pumpkin Lantern
Turn pretty pie-filling cans into a piece of folk art that doubles as a cooking utensil holder
How to Make a Tin Can Lantern
Decoupage Photo and Quote Cans
Clever Storage Solutions You’d Never Expect out of cans
Wine Rack out of a coffee can
An ashtray in can
Can Art: A Way To Recycle Some Tin Cans
Soda can seedling container
Can Lanterns
Soda Can Stove
Soda Can earrings
Tin-Can Knitting
Eco Friendly Wreaths out of cans
can coin saver
Wedding Invitation in a can
fun & easy center table deco with cans
How to Make Garden Lanterns (video clicking on link in a new tab)
Aluminum Can Butterfly Room Décor, Mobiles, Ornaments and More – See more at:
An old can = a new dinner roll cutter
Upcycle cans and tins into jewelry!
DIY – Upcycled Tin Can Hanging Flower Pots
DRUM-KIT from cans and its lids

How to Make Christmas ornaments from soda cans

Aluminum Can Bouquet

How to Recycle cans and make decorative candle votives

Make Toast Without a Toaster

How to Make a tin frame out of soda cans

How to build a SOLAR HEATER with BEER CANS


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