How to Choose the Healthiest Nondairy Drink

How to Choose the Healthiest Nondairy Drink | ecogreenlove

A shift to nondairy milks may positively impact the environment (the dairy industry contributes about 2 percent of America’s total greenhouse gas emissions). It’s no wonder more people around the world than ever have opted to try out plant-based milks.

From perennial favorites to up-and-comers, here are some of the most popular plant-based, nondairy milks to try, plus how they stack up against each other in terms of taste, nutrition, texture, and more.

How to Choose the Healthiest Nondairy Drink | ecogreenlove
Visual by Health Perch
Eat Good, Feel Good! | ecogreenlove

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7 thoughts on “How to Choose the Healthiest Nondairy Drink

  1. Simplistic information and completely ignoring the environmental impacts, which is what you’re selling this article on. Do some research into almond and soy agriculture. Unsubscribing as this is only one of many misguided posts that encourage people in the wrong direction.

    1. Hi Alison
      Sorry to see you go, we appreciate any feedback and we are aware of the environmental impact on almond and soy agriculture. We are not ignoring this, rather we shared the piece to raise awareness on the ingredients that nondairy drinks contain when being sold such as sugar. We prefer that users make their own decisions based on information not only that we provide but that we suggest they read more about it. Of all the non dairy drinks, oats is “the best” in terms on environmental impact, but as the infographic shows, is better to make your own drink rather than buying one with additives that may not be healthy.

      We ask you one last favour, could you please direct us to the other misguided posts you mention? We want to learn as well and rectify if there has been encouragement to the wrong direction, we definitely don’t want to go that way.

      Thank you for your comment

  2. This is a very informative piece. Plant-based diet is truly the way to go if we are to ensure environmental sustainability. I believe nondairy milk is a good start and a healthy choice as well.

    1. Thank you for passing by 💚 !
      Yes, we also believe that reducing the consumption of animal products lead not only to better choices but also to a healthier lifestyle.

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