10 ways Sleep can extend your Life [Infographic]

10 ways Sleep can extend your Life [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Naturally Extending your Life with Sleep

Sleep is a fundamental building block to our existence, yet so many of us neglect it. Bestow is here with a visual that details why you need sleep, and how to get it.

Everybody knows they need to sleep. It keeps us feeling great, gives us the energy we need to tackle the day, and it simply feels great. Despite this, one in three adults still aren’t getting enough sleep.

Even worse, failure to get enough sleep can result in an increased risk in numerous chronic illnesses. With our lives ever busier, sleep seems like it’s only getting rarer and rarer. First, let’s take a look at why sleep is so important.

The Health Benefits of Sleep

It’s a given that sleep is the best way to feel rested. Beyond this, sleep carries a number of benefits, too many to list in one place. Here are a few lesser-known perks of proper sleep.

  • Sleep fights stress: Studies have shown that people who get too little sleep are 21% more likely to be stressed out to some degree. Get some shuteye and wake up on the right side of the bed!
  • You heal faster with sleep: Believe it or not, sleep can actually help with healing from physical injuries. In a comparison study done by the military, the body was found to heal more quickly when well-rested, than those of similar nutrition who were sleeping too little.
  • Sleep can help curb weight gain: When you stay up late you’re more likely to snack. It’s unlikely you’re working out in the wee hours, so all of that food is simply going into your body and then resting. Some late night snackers eat up to an entire meal’s worth of calories, so the pounds can add up very quickly.

Getting a Higher Quality Rest

It’s clear that sleep is important. It can keep us happier and healthier, and not to mention feeling rested. It can be easy to push sleep to the wayside still, especially with our side hustle culture and access to work from home.

If you find yourself constantly swamped and unable to get a good night’s rest, there are some adjustments you can make to ensure your body is getting the sleep it so badly needs. To make this process even easier, Bestow has created a visual on how sleep can extend your life, and how to get a better night’s rest.

Follow these tips and you can be less stressed, feeling better, and even learning quicker. Rest easy!

10 ways Sleep can extend your Life [Infographic] | ecogreenlove
Visual by Bestow

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