Unexpected Health Benefits of Going Green

Unexpected Health Benefits of Going Green | ecogreenlove

You probably have heard of the “green movement” and understand the beneficial ways that it impacts the environment. However, did you know that there are additional health benefits to going green as well?

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Being a socially conscious consumer

The Unexpected Health Benefit: Understanding the ways that your shopping habits can impact the environment can help you pick products that are healthier for your body and help you feel happier since you are contributing to a positive goal.

After you decide to go green, you might notice that your new way of life positively impacts your shopping habits. You might start questioning whether or not products you have purchased in the past are made by sustainable brands and are environmentally conscious. When you buy products that are better for you and the environment, you will feel better and more energized knowing that you are rewarding yourself with foods and products that are healthier for your body and mind.

Maybe one aspect that has prevented you from going green in the past is thinking that being eco-friendly is more expensive. Despite some truth to this, there are many ways to save money and still choose items that are healthier for you and the planet. Here are some tips for what to look for when choosing sustainable products that won’t break the bank:

  • Consider whether or not you can make the product yourself such as cleaning products that could easily be made with ingredients you already have in your cupboards, like white vinegar
  • Read your labels and check for icons that would indicate a more eco-friendly product such as animal/cruelty-free, USDA organic, energy-efficient, and non-GMO
  • Research the ways to go green at home that actually put money back into your wallet such as using less water and conserving energy
Unexpected Health Benefits of Going Green | ecogreenlove
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Going green with your diet

The Unexpected Health Benefit: Purchasing eco-conscious products or services can enhance your overall well-being and help you optimize your body’s system for the long term.

When you decide to go green, you are more likely to choose foods that are better for your body’s overall health and well-being. Part of being healthy for the long term is planning for the unexpected. When you act as an advocate for your own health, you are putting yourself in the best position possible for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And when you dedicate yourself to living a healthier lifestyle now and in the future, you not only improve physical health factors, but you can save money on important financial matters, too!

For example, did you know that those who live a healthy lifestyle for a long period of time save upwards of $4,000 per year on medical costs? Another way that individuals who have healthier habits can save money on long term costs is savings on their life insurance policy.

One way you can protect you and your family now and in the future—despite the unexpected—is with life insurance coverage. Your health is one of the main factors that determine your life insurance rates, and the healthier you are, the cheaper the rate. The reason being, you pose less of a risk to insurers when you prove a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. A green diet is part of a healthy lifestyle and helps with maintaining a healthy weight and low cholesterol and blood pressure levels, all of which can affect the cost of life insurance.

A healthier and eco-friendly diet also helps you to prioritize your health because green foods are more likely to improve your diet and mental alertness while also promoting digestive functionality. Remember, what you put into your body impacts both digestion and mental health, which impacts all areas of life such as work, school, and family.

Unexpected Health Benefits of Going Green | ecogreenlove
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Limiting power usage in your home

The Unexpected Health Benefit: Less exposure to non-native EMF toxins that are known to offset circadian rhythm resulting in fatigue.

Another aspect of going green is eliminating environmental toxins in your home. There are different types of toxins to be aware of but one of the main toxins that are cause for concern are EMF toxins or electromagnetic fields. These toxins can be found in the radiation emitted from WiFI, cellphones and other electronic devices. High exposure to EMF toxins can cause fatigue, allergies, lower immunity and even a change in your mental state.

You can lower your exposure to these toxins by limiting the amount of time spent in areas with WiFi or EMF radiation and unplugging at home. Unplugging your devices at home is not only beneficial for the planet but to your mental and physical health as well. When you remove the temptation to constantly be connected to your device, you give yourself some breathing room. Additionally, you aren’t continuously staring at a screen, in which the blue light from your device has been shown to throw off your circadian rhythm, resulting in sleep issues.

When you take the initiative to go green, you are prioritizing the planet and your mental and physical health. Remember, each step towards becoming environmentally friendly will not only benefit the Earth but your overall well being!

Unexpected Health Benefits of Going Green | ecogreenlove

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