Realistic Tips to Drink More Water [Visual]

Realistic Tips to Drink More Water [Visual] | ecogreenlove

Water is arguably one of the most important items we can—and need to—add to our diet. In fact, we should think of it as a nutrient, just like we do with the vitamins and minerals we get from fruits and veggies.

There are well known—and surprising—health benefits to drinking water. Here are some tips to drink more water no matter how busy you are.

Our bodies are composed of about 60 percent water, which is needed for digestion, blood circulation, and nutrient transportation, and to maintain a healthy body temperature. When we’re dehydrated, blood volume lowers, which forces the heart to work harder than it needs to in order to get oxygen into cells.

Drinking enough water comes with some other notable benefits including energizing our muscles, preventing overeating, keeping our skin looking healthy, and maintaining normal bowel function. Additionally, drinking water literally “flushes” our bodies of things we don’t need by filtering waste from the blood and excreting it when we urinate.

There are varying opinions as to how much water people should drink daily. One study says that 3,000 milliliters for men and 2,200 milliliters for women is more than enough. That comes out to 9 to 12 cups of water, which is a little more than the recommended eight glasses we often hear referenced.

There are other factors such as body weight, age, activity level, and where you live. The most effective thing you can do is talk to your doctor about your health and how your water intake should fit into your daily routine.

Realistic Tips to Drink More Water [Visual] | ecogreenlove
Visual by Health Perch
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4 thoughts on “Realistic Tips to Drink More Water [Visual]

  1. I’ve always had issues drinking enough water so to combat this I’ve been buying purely natural flavor drops sweetened with stevia — nothing artificial.

    1. That’s a good way, thank you for sharing it with us. I also have a problem drinking enough, what has worked for me is really having a 2L bottle on my desk where I spend most of the day.

      Thank you for passing by! 💚

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