52 Ways to Invest in Our Planet: Earth Day every day [Visual]

52 Ways to Invest in Our Planet: Earth Day every day [Visual] | ecogreenlove

For us, every day is Earth Day.

If you feel the same, here are 52 actions and tips to make a difference, every day of the year.

  1. Tune into Earth Day Live
  2. Use the internet not trees
  3. Plog
  4. Fight climate change with diet change
  5. Calculate your foodprint
  6. Advocate for climate education
  7. Encourage your university to take climate action
  8. Share your story
  9. Stand against deforestation
  10. Pick up trash while you run
  11. Join the Global Earth Challenge
  12. Calculate your carbon footprint
  13. Calculate your plastic consumption
  14. Take Earthday’s regenerative agriculture quiz
  15. Organize a community cleanup
  16. Contact your representatives
  17. As for green power
  18. Switch to reusable bags
  19. Learn how to combat plastic pollution
  20. Plan a teach-in
  21. Compost
  22. Explore the Earthday 2022 Action toolkit
  23. Add to the Billion Acts of Green
  24. Switch to online billing
  25. Meal Prep
  26. Push for plant-based options
  27. Encourage the use of reusable utensils, dishes, and trays
  28. Tell your elected leaders to ban single-use plastic
  29. Take the climate and environmental literacy quiz
  30. Go pesticide-free
  31. Take pictures of pollinators
  32. Use’s educational resources in the classroom
  33. Introduce the Global Earth Challenge app to your community
  34. Take the first step towards ending plastic pollution
  35. Support organic ingredients
  36. Sign the petition pushing for climate and environmental literacy education
  37. Take the clean energy quiz
  38. Take photos of the horizon
  39. Take photos of plastic waste
  40. Buy local food
  41. Eat less meat
  42. Grow an organic garden
  43. Take the ocean plastic pollution quiz
  44. Use a reusable water bottle
  45. Skip plastic, buy glass or paper products
  46. Practice sustainable fashion
  47. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  48. Practice a simple act of green every day
  49. Turn off lights when not in use
  50. Take the sustainable fashion quiz
  51. Volunteer with Earthday
  52. Join Earthday’s Social Squad
52 Ways to Invest in Our Planet: Earth Day every day [Visual] | ecogreenlove

Source: Earth Day Network

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