What Impact Will Climate-Influenced Video Games Have on Environmental Efforts?

What Impact Will Climate-Influenced Video Games Have on Environmental Efforts? | ecogreenlove

Climate change is happening rapidly, and the only way to prevent further damage is to start working now. Still, many people don’t think the climate crisis is a big deal. They may not have been exposed to the right information and may not go looking for it. The only way some people will ever hear about what’s happening to the world is through the media they consume.

When pushing for efforts against climate change, you shouldn’t count out the power of media that can change people’s minds. The video game industry in the United States is worth almost $100 billion, a staggering number that will only increase over time. The right video games can expose problems to the general population, who may not have known about the issues before.

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The Value of Forestry [Infographic]

The Value of Forestry [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

The world’s forests, which now occupy 30% of the earth’s land surface, are an extremely significant resource, storing vast amounts of carbon, aiding in the purification of water and air, preserving natural biodiversity, and providing livelihoods for millions of people. Despite their critical importance, forests are under attack on a global scale, with the equivalent of 30 soccer fields disappearing every minute.

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Climate Change Vulnerability and Global Health Disparities

Climate Change Vulnerability and Global Health Disparities | ecogreenlove

According to hundreds of thousands of scientists, research bodies, and global indicators, our climate is changing at a rapid rate. It is something that many of us have a hard time seeing in our day-to-day lives. Something that many of us chalk up to a freak event, a strange spring, or just a result of essential development.

However, many of the negative impacts that we see are at least partially the result of climatic changes. Wildfire season may be normal, but the size and scale of the fires are influenced in part by a hotter climate. Likewise, it may be normal to have the occasional wet spring but some of those torrential downpours were fueled by more water evaporating off the ocean.

The land and environmental impacts are not the only tolls of climate change though. The individual health of people is also altered by the climatic conditions we live in. And not all people are subject to the same living conditions, meaning that certain populations are most certainly going to be more negatively impacted by climate change than others.

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