Minimalism for Students in 7 Steps

Minimalism for Students in 7 Steps | ecogreenlove

More and more people are talking about minimalism and its benefits nowadays. In essence, minimalism is the art of living a simple yet fulfilled life. It can help remove distracting clutter and allow you to concentrate on things that have value and purpose.

A minimalist mindset is perfect for students who are about to become independent adults.

Minimalism can help students:
1. Save time
2. Boost mental health
3. Spend less money
4. Engage in activities you enjoy
5. Take care of your physical health
6. Get rid of unnecessary stuff and thoughts
7. Enjoy the moment

How to Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle

  1. Eliminate unnecessary information
  2. Eliminate unnecessary things and junk
    • Analyze your environment
    • Remove junk from your room
    • Throw away useless trinkets
    • Evaluate each thing
    • Hide stuff that you can’t throw away
Minimalism for Students in 7 Steps • Minimalist Wardrobe List | ecogreenlove

While creating your minimalist wardrobe, pay attention to the following:

  • Weather
  • Color palette
  • Fabrics
  • Your lifestyle
Minimalism for Students in 7 Steps • Capsule Wardrobe Elements | ecogreenlove
  1. Get Your Priorities Straight
    • List 5 essential things in your life.
    • List 5 of your goals (in the beginning, limit yourself to 5 – you can add more later).
    • List 5 things that take the most time.
    • Analyze the second list by asking basic questions:
      • Why are you spending so much time on each item?
      • Do you only spend time on items from the first list? If not, why?
    • Consider if the items on the second list help you achieve your goals. Do they bring you closer to the essential things on the first list? If not, you should limit this aspect of your life.
  2. Limit Your Social Media (disadvantages):
    • You tend to compare yourself to others more
    • Social media can affect your relationships
    • Your sleep gets worse
    • The use of a phone can severely damage your wrist and thumbs
    • You can get lonelier
    • Constant phone use can harm your eyesight
    • You’re distracted from what’s important
Ways to Limit Your Social Media Use
1. Keep it out of your bedroom
2. Set a curfew
3. Spend a day without your phone
4. Plan your social media use
5. Try useful extensions (to help limit your time on social media)
  1. Get Rid of Toxic People
    • Determine whether the person is toxic
    • Realize that you can’t help it
    • Set boundaries
    • Understand when it’s done
    • Stay firm and confident in your decision
    • Keep healthy relationships
  2. Say NO to Dubious Offers
  3. Think Before You Buy
Minimalism for Students in 7 Steps • Think before you buy | ecogreenlove

Focus on What’s Important

  • Remove distractions from the surface
  • Remove electronics from the meetings
  • Plan your time accordingly
  • Always plan your resting time
  • Be present at the moment

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