How Digital Hoarding impacts our Health and the Environment [Infographic]

How Digital Hoarding impacts our Health and the Environment [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Whether you hang onto items too long yourself or are a self-proclaimed neat freak, on some level we all have a relationship with clutter. Our captivation with the concept has even spun out a few franchises. Thanks to TLC’s “Hoarders,” the Marie Kondo craze, and “The Home Edit” frenzy, there’s no shortage of resources for how to tidy up our physical surroundings.

But what about where we spend a great deal of our days — on our devices and in cyberspace? On average, adults will spend anywhere from 34 years to 44 years of their life staring at screens. And much of that time, we’ll be ignoring our digital clutter. After all, you can’t actually trip over hundreds of unread emails, thousands of blurry photos, and maybe even all those “The Home Edit” episodes downloaded on your devices. In fact, digital hoarding, meaning letting our digital content pile up, can have negative consequences on our wellbeing, on our cybersecurity, and on the environment.

All this to say, it’s time to look inward — in your inbox, cloud storage, desktop, phones, etc. — and ask yourself, “Am I a digital hoarder?” Consider the following points and also tips to declutter your digital life for the better.

How Digital Hoarding impacts our Health and the Environment [Infographic] | ecogreenlove
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5 thoughts on “How Digital Hoarding impacts our Health and the Environment [Infographic]

  1. Think of all the files we leave behind when we change jobs! I hope my former employers eventually deleted my old files.
    By law companies need to keep some email for 7 years I believe. Some may require indefinite retention.
    I tend to keep my old phones. One I gave to my mother in law when she broke hers. Another I use on WiFi around the house sometimes.
    Often the trade in value of a phone is so low I prefer to keep it as a spare.

    1. That’s great what you do, keep using an old phone is better than disposing it when is still functional!

      Regarding the papers, I knew about the company policy keeping employees’ files but I’m definitely guilty of online hoarding… I keep so many tabs open, I keep old emails and files in my computer (though organized) but I have a bulk of “backup”, there’s still a long way to declutter our digital life nowadays I think

      Thanks for passing by! Always nice reading your feedback 💚

  2. Thank you for this terrific post! I crave decluttering (It makes me think clearly) and this is exactly what I was looking for. Your tips will definitely come in handy.

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