Eco-Friendly Options for the Worst Sustainability Offenders at Weddings [Visual]

Everything we throw away which can’t be recycled has a negative impact on the environment. If something isn’t biodegradable, it could take thousands of years to break down naturally.

Individually, one wedding can produce as much as 20kg of plastic waste. But it’s not just plastic which has an impact. Food wastage is also a common theme for most weddings. Sadly, weddings are again one of the chief offenders when it comes to CO2 contributions. As many as 14.5 tonnes of the gas will be created during an average celebration.

Some wedding troupes are more harmful than others. Here are a few common inclusions which you might not realise are having a negative impact on the environment. Don’t worry, though. These are all common aspects of a wedding – which means alternative, eco-friendly options, have already been created.

Eco-Friendly Options for the Worst Sustainability Offenders at Weddings [Visual] | ecogreenlove
Source: 77 Diamonds
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77 DIAMONDS has a complete Guide to Sustainable, Zero-Waste, Ethical Weddings which is an in-depth resource about the positive environmental impact of sustainable weddings. And it contains useful information such as:

  • An in-depth look at sustainable and ethical weddings
  • Why they are important and how choosing a green wedding helps reduce the strain on the environment.
  • Eye-opening statistics about the carbon footprint and waste generated by weddings and the wedding industry as a whole (did you know that around 4,910 tonnes of unrecyclable plastics are used up by weddings annually?)
  • How to plan a sustainable wedding – including plenty of tips on finding green wedding planners and suppliers, eco-friendly wedding venues, organic and zero-waste food and catering, and other helpful resources.
  • Other useful green wedding resources, organisations, and zero-waste tips and advice to help make weddings more ethically-conscious and environmentally friendly.

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