Essential tips for staying Healthy while Travelling [Infographic]

Whether it’s happening for fun or for business, travelling can be (and often is) stressful in its own way. That goes especially in those situations where one has to cover great distances and be away from home for longer periods of time. Naturally, one of the biggest puzzles is how to keep oneself healthy and steer away from things that may compromise one’s well-being when travelling. Here are some of the most important things to remember when going on a trip.

Getting insurance

Whenever you travel abroad, make sure you do not board your plane without medical insurance. Even when people take the best care of themselves that they can, unpredictable things happen and getting good insurance is one of the most efficient ways to keep oneself prepared just in case.

Staying hydrated

One of the things people often forget to do when they travel is to give the body as much water as it needs. That is why it’s important to stay hydrated, and all it takes is just a bit of careful planning and effort. Before you leave home, do a bit of research and check if it is safe to drink tap water in the town where you will be staying, and if not, how the locals solve that problem without spending too much money on store-bought water. Additionally, especially if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors during your trip, carry a bottle of water with you so that you don’t have to wait to get to a restaurant, café, or your hotel room to drink.

Sticking to your wellness routine

Another problem people encounter when traveling is that they think that their usual health-related routines need to be interrupted for the time being. But this too can be prevented relatively easily with the help of the internet and a bit of resourcefulness and creativity. For instance, if your morning ritual includes a long walk or a jog in a park or doing exercise, try to book a hotel with a park nearby or one with a gym. Substitute activities are also an option.

Another example would be this: to relax, at home you enjoy painting, or cooking or something else you cannot really do when you’re staying in a hotel room. But you can still temporarily replace that with another pleasant and invigorating experience, such as getting a soothing professional massage. You never know – you may like the newly chosen activity so much you may even consider introducing it into your everyday life when you return home.

Detaching from the everyday-life issues

Unless you are travelling for business-related reasons, you should try to clear your mind and at least for those few days or weeks put the general never-ending sources of stress, issues and questions into a jar. Keep the lid on until you get back and use your trip as a temporary sanctuary, where you can recharge your batteries.

Getting enough rest

It’s no secret that travelling can be quite exhausting since a person is entering a sudden change of the entire surroundings in a very short period. Getting to the destination, not to mention the numerous activities that we want or need to engage in during a trip, requires an immense amount of energy. A big part of that energy can be maintained by getting good night sleep and allowing the body to rest when it needs to. Lack of sleep is known to cause many health problems and affect the immune system.

Regular meals

If possible, don’t skip meals and treat yourself to a nice, nutritious breakfast as a solid, energizing start of a day that will be filled with adventures.

Good hygiene

Something that should absolutely not be neglected and perhaps plays a much bigger role in staying healthy than travelers actually realize, starting with hand hygiene. When one is on the go and spends a lot of time outdoors throughout the day, this may seem like a challenge, but there are ways to overcome it as well. Always carry hand sanitizers or wet wipes, especially when your hands get in contact with the food you eat.

Ordering food from safe places

However tempting it may look or smell, not all food should be tasted when travelling, and the reasons are foodborne illnesses. It is highly advisable to keep away from raw food (like eggs or any kind of meat), unwashed fruit, unpasteurized dairy products, etc. Also, if you know that certain ingredients trigger allergic reactions, make sure you always check if the food you want to order contains any of them before you eat.

These are some of the ways you could help yourself have a truly carefree, memorable travel experience. All it takes is some extra caution and good preparation and planning.

Essential tips for staying Healthy while Travelling [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

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