Use Less Plastic in Your Home [Infographic]

Use Less Plastic in Your Home [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

There’s no question there are excellent plastic products that have done a lot to improve human lives. Items such as car seats, helmets, and medical plastics (just to name a few) are important items that not only enhance, but save lives. These are not the plastics that have people concerned.

The plastics Chris McLaughlin refers to in this article are the superfluous plastics. Those that are created for convenience and financial sake only. In fact, products such as plastic utensils are often created to be used once and then tossed into the garbage. These are what she calls “daily plastics,” which are completely unnecessary otherwise.

How to Purchase and Use Less Plastic

We’ve got some solutions that will help your body and reduce your plastic footprint starting today.

  1. Carry Your Own Reusable Grocery Bags
  2. Carry Your Own Reusable Water Container or Coffee Cup with You
  3. Bring Your Own Eating Utensils
  4. Avoid Purchasing Convenience Foods
  5. Use Cloth Instead of Disposable Diapers
  6. Throw Plastic-Free Parties
  7. Eliminate Most (If Not All) the Plastic in Your Kitchen
    *There is the misconception of throwing everything away and replace every single plastic at home among new zero wasters. We recommend continue using the current plastic items you already own to avoid waste (primary goal, right?) as much as you can to elongate their lifespan, or sell/donate them before purchasing lots of wooden/glass/steel products (consumerism alert!)
    – Ditch the Plastic Wrap
    – Use Glass and Ceramic Plates Exclusively
    – Make Your Own Condiments
    – Purchase Meat from a Butcher Shop

Use Less Plastic in Your Home [Infographic] | ecogreenlove
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Small Changes eventually add up to Huge Results 😉

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