Make less trash [Guide]

Make less trash [Guide] | ecogreenlove

Zero waste doesn’t mean producing or consuming nothing. It’s about carefully and intentionally designing, producing, and consuming without waste as an end product.

“We make less waste and eventually when we can shift the way manufactures design and create stuff (and we have the infrastructure to recover) then we will live in a circular economy (zero waste) and that word zero will actually mean zero. Until then, do your best, start small, and voice your consumer opinion! Change won’t happen until we speak up and use our consumer power as much as we can.”

Make less trash [Guide] | ecogreenlove
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REFUSE what you do not need;
REDUCE what you do need;
REUSE, REPAIR or REPURPOSE what you consume;
RECYCLE when you cannot do the above steps;
and ROT (compost) the rest

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