Upcycled Valentine’s Cards

Upcycled Valentine's Cards | ecogreenlove

I have been in a penpal group already for almost two years and this has been a great opportunity for me to put my upcycling into action (and use up all the material I’ve been not throwing away from the times before we adopted a zero waste lifestyle, or at least we have tried to). So, in this post I’ll show you the cards I made for my snail mail, as simple as they may look, they were all made with ecogreenlove. Also, I have included some cute Etsy ideas at the end.

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The four cards are made completely from reused materials, I didn’t need to buy anything! 😉

The back of this first one is a piece of cardboard from a packaging, the patterned paper is from leftover christmas scrapbook paper and the heart is made with ironed plastic produce mesh bags glued to a piece of cardboard:

Upcycled Valentine's Cards | ecogreenlove
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The next one is made again with a piece of the packaging cardboard. The patterned paper and letters are from magazine cuts, and the hearts are from leftover scrap paper joined with a piece of cord I had:

Upcycled Valentine's Cards | ecogreenlove
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This one is my favourite:

Upcycled Valentine's Cards | ecogreenlove

The back is from a black thick paper notebook I bought last year in a flea market. I liked how it looked with the ring holes. The heart is again made with ironed produce mesh bags and (here comes my favourite item) the heart shaped corners are made with the bottom of aluminium tealight holders. I have a little cupid press to emboss and it worked perfectly for this.

The card below is the same design just with paper:

Upcycled Valentine's Cards | ecogreenlove

And I found some cute ideas on Etsy that you can purchase or, I think, are totally doable:

Upcycled Valentine's Cards | ecogreenlove
Embellished Cards by IndiePaper
Upcycled Valentine's Cards | ecogreenlove
Patchwork Heart Cards by ITSYOURCOUNTRY  
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Upcycled Valentine's Cards | ecogreenlove
Red Wine cork handmade collection, hearts & bunch of grapes by PumpjackPiddlewick  
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Upcycled Valentine's Cards | ecogreenlove
Woven Paper Heart Mini Basket by BlueTangDesigns 
Ok, this is not a card, but I can imagine you can adapt it.
Upcycled Valentine's Cards | ecogreenlove
Heart-Shaped, Recycled Designer Rock and Republic Brand Denim by daringmisslassiter  
You can also make a patchwork with old jeans and sew them on a card 😉
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If you make any of these or you have more ideas, let us know!

Trash is the failure of Imagination:
Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose

Trash is the failure of Imagination | ecogreenlove

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