Reusing Fabric Scraps [Videos]

Got scraps? Don’t throw them! you can patch or reconstruct a garment, use them as filling or make something completely new and functional 💚

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Upcycled Valentine’s Cards

Upcycled Valentine's Cards | ecogreenlove

I have been in a penpal group already for almost two years and this has been a great opportunity for me to put my upcycling into action (and use up all the material I’ve been not throwing away from the times before we adopted a zero waste lifestyle, or at least we have tried to). So, in this post I’ll show you the cards I made for my snail mail, as simple as they may look, they were all made with ecogreenlove. Also, I have included some cute Etsy ideas at the end.

💚 If you’re into this, take a look to DIY: Upcycled Valentine’s Day gifts ideas or the video tutorials.

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DIY: Recycled Christmas Cards

DIY: Recycled Christmas Cards | ecogreenlove

Hi everybody! Thank you for passing by 🙂

This week I’ve been in a crafty mood. I made my own recycled paper (more like cardboard 😂) to send some Christmas handmade cards for my penpals and friends reusing scraps from materials I had (below each photo I leave you the link to where I got the idea from with the tutorial). I’m not the great crafter, but I like how rustic these cards look thanks to the materials I used (and my clumsiness 😛 ). Also, they are easy and may be a fun activity to make with kids.

Hope you get inspired!

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Reusing old Socks

[Updated: January 2019]

Whether you lost a matching sock, or they are getting holes, or the fabric is getting thinner and thinner… whatever the reason is… there are many ways to reuse old socks that are not even in good conditions to be fixed or to give them away to someone actually needs them. Of course if they are fix-able please fix them… and give them away if you don’t want them anymore. try not to waste. Let’s try to reduce our contribution to landfills. Here are just some ideas:

Creative Ways to Repurpose old/lonely Socks | ecogreenlove
Cushion made of lonely Socks by Malena Skote (tutorial here)

Creative Ways to Repurpose old Socks | ecogreenlove
DIY Reusable Rice Heating Pad with socks

Reusing old Socks | ecogreenlove
Cut the toe section out and use your sock tube as a travel coffee mug cozy.

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