Reusing Fabric Scraps [Videos]

Got scraps? Don’t throw them! you can patch or reconstruct a garment, use them as filling or make something completely new and functional πŸ’š

Playlist: Repurpose Fabric Scraps
Repurpose Fabric Scraps β€’ Scrunchie | ecogreenlove
DIY How to make Scrunchies, hair ties, how to sew easy by Handmade By Sara Kim
Repurpose Fabric Scraps β€’ Twine | ecogreenlove
Scrapbusting: How to make Fabric Twine [tutorial] by My poppet Makes
Repurpose Fabric Scraps β€’ Coaster | ecogreenlove
Fabric scraps Make easy coasters by Alley Cat
Repurpose Fabric Scraps β€’ Door stopper | ecogreenlove
Fabric door stopper | Handmade door stopper | upcycle fabric scraps by Mama Project
Repurpose Fabric Scraps β€’ Cat toy | ecogreenlove
I Made a Cat Toy – Using Only Fabric Scraps!  | The Fabric Scrap Chronicles by Kristine Vike
Trash is the failure of Imagination | ecogreenlove

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