The Most and Least eco-friendly shopping Bags [Infographic]

When doing the grocery we always tend to think is better to buy paper bags or carrying our own fabric reusable bag, right? Well, our friends from shared these stats which show how even paper bags leave a big water footprint and reusable cotton bags may not be the best ecofriendly option either. Check the full article here and tell us what you think!

Paper vs. plastic bags: You’d think this fight would have been settled by now. But as Trace explains, for cities around the world, the fight is more complicated than you’d think.

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Reusing old Socks

Wether you lost a matching sock, or they are getting holes, or the fabric is getting thinner and thinner… whatever the reason is… there are many ways to reuse old socks that are not even in good conditions to be fixed or to give them away to someone actually needs them. Of course if they are fix-able please fix them… and give them away if you don’t want them anymore. try not to waste. Let’s try to reduce our contribution to landfills. Here are just some ideas:

Reusing old Socks | ecogreenlove
Cut the toe section out and use your sock tube as a travel coffee mug cozy.
Reusing old Socks | ecogreenlove
A travel utensil holder. Just use a piece of your sock yarn to tie it shut. Socks make excellent pencil holders too, just use an extra thick sock.
Reusing old Socks | ecogreenlove
Contain computer or television cords inside a stretchy trouser sock with the toe cut off

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