DIY: Valentine’s Day Gifts [Video tutorials]

“Valentine’s Day has been horribly commercialised, and if you’re green of heart, you may feel inclined to ignore it altogether. But I always say, there’s no bad day to tell someone that you love and appreciate their presence in your life.”

– Beth Buczynski

Hi y’all! This is an update for DIY: Upcycled Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas. Click on the link to find even more ideas for crafts and tutorials [Images]. This year ecogreenlove created a YouTube playlist not only with eco-friendly crafts but also ideas for gifts, healthy recipes and green alternatives for the commercialised clichés [26 videos]. Every year will be updated. If you have an idea or tutorial you want to share with us, please comment below or send us a message with your link.

Remember, is more significant when you give something personalised you made by yourself, avoid consuming! 💚

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More ideas:
14 Green Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day by Beth Buczynski on
• 6 Ways to Have an Eco-friendly Family Valentine’s Day by Marni Fogelson-Teel
11 Green Valentine Gifts For Earth-Loving Sweethearts by Tafline Laylin on

Be Eco: Join the Green, Share the Love! | ecogreenlove


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