Fun ways to Improve your Memory [Infographic]

Fun ways to Improve your Memory [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

“We live in the digital age. If we can’t recall something, we just ask the Google. All our contacts are on our phone, so we don’t have to remember the phone numbers of our friends. I don’t even remember my husband’s phone number. We don’t even have to remember friends’ birthdays because Facebook does that for us. Thanks to smartphones (and other smart devices), humans today have shorter attention span than a goldfish. According to the Microsoft Corp. research from the last year, the average human attention span today is only 8 seconds. This means that I have probably lost you after my first sentence, but I will continue anyway.

Our memory is left a bit unused, and your mind becomes too lazy to try to remember things – sometimes even important ones. If this is becoming your weakness and holding you back, then you need to take action and you have to do it today.

Having a good memory is more than just remembering phone numbers, it is also about disciplining your mind and being more self-aware. So without further ado, here is an infographic with seven fun ways to improve your memory. You don’t have to do much – just some doodling (and who doesn’t like to doodle while talking on the phone?) or playing brain games on your phone (at least you will use it for something important).”

Fun ways to Improve your Memory [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Infographic by The Memory Improvement

It is Health the real Wealth | ecogreenlove


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