Green Documentaries: Terra Blight [Trailer Video]

produced by: Jellyfish Smack Productions

Terra Blight traces the life cycle of computers from creation to disposal and juxtaposes the disparate worlds that have computers as their center. From a 13-year-old Ghanaian who smashes obsolete monitors to salvage copper to a 3,000-person video game party in Texas, Terra Blight examines the unseen realities of one of the most ubiquitous toxic wastes on our planet.

The film employs a style similar to Gimme Green, whereby the audience encounters many dynamic characters and accesses the problem through subtle humor and identification with subjects on-screen. Shot in crisp HD, Terra Blight navigates surreal landscapes with a sensitive cinema vérité lens that conveys the unique point-of-view of each character.

Terra Blight explores the intricacies of American consumerism through the story of the computer. By the film’s end, the audience will never be able to look at their computer the same way again.

The proper disposal of e-waste is an issue of international concern.

  • 70% of America’s e-waste is buried in a landfill—a toxic time release positioned in roughly every community in our country.
  • Most of the e-waste collected for recycling in the United States is actually sent to a developing country to be broken down.
  • Recycling metals from e‐waste uses a fraction of the energy needed to mine
    new metals.
  • 81% of a desktop computer’s energy use is in making the computer, not using it.
    E‐waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world.
  • 20 to 50 million metric tons of e‐waste is disposed of worldwide each year.
  • The United States is the only industrialised country that does not prohibit the export of its e-waste.

For a clear explanation on this issue, please view The Story of Electronics, produced by Free Range Studios:

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