5 Food Ingredients to Avoid

5 Food Ingredients to Avoid | ecogreenlove

Snacking healthier is easier said than done. After all, how do you know what’s actually good for you? NatureBox believes in the 80/20 rule – 80 percent of the time, we eat totally clean with lots of vegetables, fresh fruit and lean protein. Twenty percent of the time, we let ourselves indulge; maybe it’s a sweet treat for dessert or at a birthday party.

In this 80/20 lifestyle there’s lots of room for both healthy and indulgent snack options. But whether we’re avoiding anything and everything processed, or allowing ourselves to enjoy a decadent goodie, one thing is for sure: We all should avoid certain ingredients.

Here are the five food ingredients to avoid at all costs and why:

1. High fructose corn syrup.

5 Food Ingredients to Avoid | ecogreenlove
Watching the amount of total added sugars in your diet is smart – this particular type of sugar tends to be found in highly processed foods and may be linked to negative health outcomes, such as type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and increased risk of heart disease.

2. Trans fats or partially hydrogenated oils.

5 Food Ingredients to Avoid | ecogreenlove
Trans fat is made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil, which makes the oil less likely to spoil. And thus, it’s often found in packaged products. Also, partially hydrogenated oil is often used in restaurants’ fryers as a cost saving measure. Trans fats increase cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Although small amounts of trans fat occur naturally in some meat and dairy products, it’s the trans fats in processed foods that seem to be more harmful.

3. Artificial flavors.

5 Food Ingredients to Avoid | ecogreenlove
Some people are sensitive to artificial flavors, and may experience headaches, nausea or other adverse reactions. Besides, who needs these? Mother Nature provides us with lots of different real flavors!

4. Artificial sweeteners.

5 Food Ingredients to Avoid | ecogreenlove
Besides tasting funky, artificial sweeteners – which are at least 200 times sweeter than sugar! – amp up our sweet taste buds, which in turn can increase our dependency on sweet foods. Plus, they may even cause bladder muscles to become hyperactive, causing an increased need to urinate more frequently.

5. Artificial colors.

5 Food Ingredients to Avoid | ecogreenlove
The safety of products containing artificial colors have been a point of debate for years – some say they’re toxic, contain carcinogens and contribute to ADHD. Almost every decade, another issue surfaces, eliminating more and more of the artificial additives in America. Today only seven colors remain on the FDA’s approved list. In fact, a 2007 European study linked six food dyes to hyperactivity in children, and now those dyes require warning labels in Europe.

NatureBox snacks are free from all of those ingredients and are minimally processed, if at all. They offer more than 100 unique items to excite every palate, every dietary consideration. From healthy classics like dried fruit and granola, to healthful takes on cookies, flax-infused crackers and tons of different of spiced nut mixes, the options range from snacks you know to snacks you’ll be happy to meet. Whether or not you observe the 80/20 rule, you’ll be able to enjoy these snacks 100 percent of the time.
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What do you usually eat as snack?

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